Bob White Theater finds a buyer; FoPo gets a performance venue

Of all the changes, improvements, and developments hoped for along the west side of Foster Road, probably none have been talked about and anticipated as much as the future rehabilitation of the Bob White Theater.

Well, FoPo, we’re one step closer to seeing that happen, as the former movie house has just been purchased after sitting vacant for years.

Once rehabilitated, the new owner and Foster-Powell resident, Nick Storie, plans to use the space, now named “Foster Home,” for music, dance, theater and film.  Often seen by the neighborhood as a central piece to making the Foster corridor truly great, the Bob White theater has the potential to breathe more life on this stretch of Foster.  At the very least, we’ll someday have a place to catch a show, dance, or listen to live music.

The theater now has seating for over 500 people, but the purchase includes an adjoining warehouse and neighboring duplex, so the potential for the site is much greater than sitting people in front of stage and screen.  For this reason, Nick and his team are hosting an open house for the community in an effort to solicit ideas for the space.  While initial plans obviously call for theater and film space, some additional ideas being tossed around are for a black box theater and artist studios.

At this point, it appears all ideas are on the table and open for consideration.  The goal, however, is to make this a space for the community.  To take part in this exciting process, everyone’s invited to the open house on Saturday, December 10 at 12pm.  Bring your ideas and make them heard.

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15 Responses to Bob White Theater finds a buyer; FoPo gets a performance venue

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh man…I have been waiting for this moment since we moved into the ‘hood 6 years ago!

  2. Karen Quinn says:

    OMG! As a child I went to the Bob White to see Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies. Fantastic that someone is willing to do something with that theater and the additional space.

  3. Ruben says:

    I have have been waiting for this moment since I moved to the neighborhood.

  4. I, too, have many happy memories of movies at the Bob White. Hopeful that the new owners will see their dream through to reality and area residents will be able to enjoy this historic theater space again and again.

  5. Jeremy Trabue says:

    Wow, oh wow! Thank you, Nick Storie!

  6. Great news! Whenever I go to Bar Carlo, I wistfully sigh when I see the theater next door and wish for it to be operational again…

  7. Kay Dickerson says:

    truly delighted to see this space open up. i’ll be a part of Tuba Christmas that day…
    Is there really an old Wurlitzer Organ in there?
    would you consider it to rent it out to an adult community band for rehearsal???.

  8. Kay, I’m pretty sure Nick is open to any and all ideas at this point. From everything I’ve heard, he intends to use it for the community’s benefit, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he made it available for something like you’ve suggested.

    bh…I, too, have fantasized from my perch at Bar Carlo about the day this theater would attract theater/film/dance goers. Exciting, indeed.

  9. Squish says:

    Does somebody have contact info for Mr. Storie?

  10. Jed says:

    Sounds great! Looking forward to it. I do hope that the name “Foster Home” isn’t set in stone. Simply “Foster Theater” or “Bob White Theater” would get the job done.

  11. Jeremy Trabue says:

    Agreed…”Foster Home” seems very high concept and confusing. It sounds like a retirement community or something.

  12. June Kusah says:

    I have hoped that someone would take notice and fix up the theater. I used to go to the movies also when I was a child.

  13. Dan KzNz says:

    I too went to the Bob White as a child, as well as the other Foster theater, the Ames.Thank you Nick Storie. Perhaps, some russian movies can also be shown there for the slavic community in FoPo. Also, now it would be nice to see the old Rexall Drugstore bldg made into something special. It is the two-storied building several blocks east with a curved corner of the bldg at the block’s corner.Wishes, eventually do sometimes come true. The park next to the Bob White should also be an asset to it.Best of Luck and effort. If I can volunteer some help I will as well.

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