Happy Weekend, FoPo!

We hope you’re managing to stay dry and warm, FoPo.  The weather’s certainly turned, and it probably won’t be looking back until about mid-March, when we’ll get a week-long teaser, and then back to rain for another couple months.

In any event, we hope the wintry transition is tolerable for you all, and that the upcoming commencement of the holiday season isn’t too abrupt.  Here are a couple tidbits for the weekend:

* Apex Wellness Center, at 5308 SE Rhone, is selling the 2012 Chinook Book.  While you can get the coupon book at many retailers, Apex is donating $7 from every sale to the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association.  First, the deals/savings pay for itself many times over.  Secondly, it’s an easy way to contribute to your local NA.  Do it.

* Bar Carlo is still taking advantage of the Merc Perk program…or, rather they’re letting the consumer take advantage of the deals.  Get in on the tw0-for-one deal here.

* Scott Chase, the artist behind the Curtis Mayfield mural on O’Malley’s Pub, has more of his art on display at Yo Mama’s Coffee…and it’s for sale.  Show your love for local art, as well as your neighborhood coffee shop.

* Congratulations to Danielle Cornelius, owner of Somaphile Movement Studio.  A year after bringing her unique approach to women’s health and wellness to Foster Road, Dr. Cornelius has renewed her lease and will be offering her gentle chiropractic, movement therapy, and healthy lifestyle coaching for at least two more years.  We’ll update you more later on some new offerings she has in store for the coming year.

* If you’re free Sunday, don’t forget that Feast for Southeast will be canvassing the neighborhood to get the word out about their Thanksgiving event.  They can use your help.  Volunteers will be meeting at the Subway on Foster and SE 52nd at 12:30 pm.

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