Happy Weekend, FoPo

A few tidbits as we head into the long weekend.  Happy Veterans Day.

* First, RIP Heavy D.  If I were to make a soundtrack from my childhood, sadly, there’d probably be a Heavy D song, or two.  The dude made good music.  It’s sad to see him go so early.

* Bringing it back to relevancy, don’t forget to come out Saturday night for the FoPo pub crawl.  You can read more about it in our original post last week.  Quick scoop: start at Tortalandia at 7pm (6:30 if you want to eat), and then work your way east (Dusty’s, Bar Carlo, Bob and Alice’s, O’Malley’s, Gemini, and Da Hui).  Bring cash for drink tickets.

* Speaking of drinking, it’s that time of year where seasonal drinks make the fall and winter a tad more tolerable.  Taps are changing in your local watering hole, and new cocktails are making their way onto menus.  O’Malley’s and Tortalandia are both now serving HUB’s Abominable Winter Ale on tap, and Gemini has introduced their “Whiskey Cidertini.”

* Gemini Lounge is also doing their best to keep things as local as possible.  All their taps, now, are pouring SE Portland-brewed beers.  Not only does it speak to their commitment to all things local, but it shows just how much Portland produces in the way of microbrews.  What other city has so many offerings that a bar can simply sell beer brewed from one specific neighborhood?

* Since we’ve been peripherally following Occupy Portland, and even mentioned some connections to FoPo, keep an eye on PPD’s handling of the upcoming, city-imposed deadline for the downtown campers to vacate Chapman and Lownsdale parks.  According to Mayor Adams, the campers will be expected to leave the park by midnight, Saturday (Sunday morning).

* And finally, it appears that Marysville School will be rebuilt.  After deciding against renovating Kellogg Middle School to transition Marysville students to, the school district and its board has agreed to move forward with plans to rebuild the old site, with the goal of returning students to their neighborhood school by January, 2013.  We’ll provide more updates on this later this week, as there will be a community meeting hosted by PPS to discuss the next steps in the process on November 17th.

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