Dazzle on, FoPo. Happy Weekend.

A few dazzling (not really) tidbits for the masses.  Have a good weekend, y’all.

* Seven Eleven’s presence on Foster is becoming more and more official.  That oh-so-familiar red, green and orange is sure adding a splash of color to the former Blockbuster site.  All sarcasm aside, they landscaped the corner of Holgate, Foster, and 63rd, which is actually a nice addition to the neighborhood.

* Saturday is Bank Transfer Day.  FoPo doesn’t have any banks, but you can still move your money…if you’re so inclined.  In an organized (or not so organized) attempt to show the big banks how much clout the Occupy movement may or may not have, they’re supporting a parallel, grassroots movement to promote local banking…well, really to protest against big banks.  Rally on Saturday, Terry Schrunk plaza.  Or, don’t go, just transfer your money.

* If protesting’s not your thing, get your Shiva on at Somaphile Movement Studio.  Sorry, girls only.  This dance class will get your mind and body all tangled up…in a good way.

* Dance?  Beginning Tango lessons at Tango Berretin, Saturday night at 8pm, followed by open dancing for all until 2am.

* Laugh at Linus will perform their acoustic/folk/other music at Torta-Landia Saturday night, as well.  Show starts at 8pm.

* As usual, weekly Brunch and Blue Grass, Sunday morning at Torta-Landia.

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2 Responses to Dazzle on, FoPo. Happy Weekend.

  1. John Mulvey says:

    Hi FoPo!

    Two comments:

    Re 7-11, at the Mt. Scott-Arleta NA meeting on Wednesday, the new Chair Lisa Anne talked about a new mural project for the back (Holgate) side of the 7-11. Apparently the owner is supportive and she’s been in touch with the Mt. Scott Learning Center about involving their students.

    Re The Banks, while you’re correct that we don’t have any banks on Foster, we certainly do have a connection to the bank debate. That’s because the failure of the banks to make credit available in places like Foster Road has been a huge negative draw on local economies. Every empty storefront is a potential new business and several new jobs, if only people could get the credit they need.

    So, for instance, if people want to support local businesses, putting money into (let’s say) the Albina Community Bank would be a great way to do it. Albina will use depositors’ money to invest in businesses and homes here –whereas the big banks are apparently only interested in sending it to some Vice President in New York for his zillion-dollar annual bonus.

    Particularly given the abuses of the home forclosure process by the big banks, and the disproportionate impact those forclosures have had on a neighborhood like ours, keeping our money local is more than just a symbolic gesture –it’s a very tangible way to stick up for the Fopo community!


  2. Amen, John. Well said. Indeed, lending your money to someone committed to reinvesting it in the community is important…and almost a no-brainer. I think it’s easily forgotten that we are, in effect, letting the banks borrow our money when we open a checking or savings account. With that in mind, we have a choice in who we lend to, and should think twice about how we want them reinvesting that money. As you said, currently, big banks are not interested in lending to a small business owner on Foster Road. If I can put my money with a bank that would, that’s only going to benefit the community.

    As for the mural behind 7-11, I’m pleasantly surprised. Add to that the landscaping they’ve already done, and maybe they’re making more of a positive impact than any of us wanted to assume they would.


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