FoPo a Culinary Wonderland?

Maybe we’re not just stroking our own egos on this blog.  Apparently folks from outside the neighborhood are taking notice.

Per Living Social:

It’s no secret that the Foster-Powell neighborhood is becoming a culinary wonderland, and today’s deal makes it worth putting FoPo on your destination list. Head to Tambayan Filipino Cuisine, where $8 gets you $16 to spend on food and drink. This is island food cooked up like an auntie would make, set to please the palates of natives and newcomers alike. House favorites include spicy chicken adobo, bistek Tagalog — Filipino steak with soy sauce and fried onions — and yes, even Spam. Finish with the halo halo special, a dessert staple that’s a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk, and fruit, served with ice cream on top. This up-and-coming area may have once been known as Felony Flats, but the only crime going on these days is not getting this half-off steal.

What a great combination of tags:  culinary wonderland, FoPo, up-and-coming, Felony Flats.  Sounds like Foster-Powell to me.

If anybody’s been to Tambayan, feel free to leave a review.

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4 Responses to FoPo a Culinary Wonderland?

  1. rebeccalavelle says:

    I bought one. The one time I was in that restaurant, to drop off some posters, they were overwhelmingly friendly. They welcomed me with a smile and were genuinely happy to post fliers to support their neighborhood! I always promised myself I would go back, even though my first experience with Filipino food wasn’t great (10 years ago, in a different state). I am going to go in tomorrow, before the coupon rush happens, and then again in a couple weeks! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Jeremy Trabue says:

    Went there with my father in law, who was stationed in the Philippines while he was in the Navy, and we loved it. Have been back a few times since. Super friendly people, tasty food. It’s definitely down-home and funky, Fo-Po style, not hoity-toity haute cuisine, but still a big winner.

  3. It sounds like Tambayan may be deserving of more praise. Thanks for the comments.

  4. Tambayan definitely needs more appreciation – it’s one of the culinary treats on the Filipino trekking list. Keep pluggin it, please!

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