Save the Date…FoPo Pub Crawl

Mark your calendars, oh fine folks of Foster, for our plethora of savory and less-than-savory drinking establishments will soon be playing host to a FoPo pub crawl.

When?  Saturday, November 12, at 7pm

Where?  Start at Torta-Landia (show up at 6:30 if you want dinner)

Why?  Because you can drink, laugh, and get to know the rest of the FoPo denizens.

“But wait, how will this be different than a typical Saturday night,” you ask?

Maybe it won’t.  But on a typical Saturday night, you probably won’t end up at Bob and Alice’s, and probably not en masse with other inebriated FoPo’ians.  Or maybe you would.  Forgive me for being presumptuous.

In any event, this should be a fun time, and a good way to promote and enjoy the neighborhood.  The following bars will also be in on the action:  Dusty’s, Bar Carlo, Bob and Alice’s, Gemini Lounge, and possibly Da Hui.

For those that intend to play, bring cash for drink tickets.  A $3.00 ticket will get you domestic beer; $5.00 tickets get you micro beers or well drinks.  Tickets will include the cost of tips.

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3 Responses to Save the Date…FoPo Pub Crawl

  1. Brian says:

    This Pub Crawl sounds like fun. Yeehaw.

    But I gots me a question:

    “A $3.00 ticket will get you domestic beer; $5.00 tickets get you micro beers or well drinks. Tickets will include the cost of tips.”

    Does this mean I can spend $5 for a ticket and order as many microbrews or well drinks that I can (reasonably) consume? This sounds too good to be true. The stalling economy has hit us all; a cheap night out plus getting to know my FoPo neighbors sounds like fun!

    By the way, I have visited this site frequently over the past year or two. You’ve done a great job since the hand-over from the previous webmaster. Kudos+

    • Unlimited drinks would be nice. Sorry for getting you hopes up.

      One ticket will be good for a drink and tip. The idea is to buy a few (several, lol), which will make it easier the bartenders, as well as the wallet-carrying crowd. I know the savings isn’t great, but it’ll be a little cheaper and easier for everybody.

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