Party today…plus other weekend tidbits

Without revealing the results of our poll from last week, I’ll only go so far as to say that more neighborhood events are commonly seen as a way to build and strengthen FoPo.

With that in mind, get out your dancing shoes…or, uh, your plants….

Yes, you’re all invited to the Center Street block party and plant swap today.  From 3-6pm, between 60th and 62nd on Center, you can eat, drink, play games, and meet your neighbors.  The weather won’t be an excuse not to come, as it will be dry and nearly 70 degrees.  If you need plants, or have some to get rid of, participate in the plant swap…or just come enjoy your neighbors.  Bring food and drinks if you so desire.

– The Holgate library is hosting its monthly Pageturners meet up.  The book/reading/discussion group meets every third Saturday at 10:30am (sorry about the late notice).  This month’s book is, Room, by Emma Donoghue.  Again, sorry for the late notice, but it’s not too late to pick up a copy of next month’s book.  Just check in with the information desk.

– Guapo is finally closing its doors.  After a bid to sell the coffee shop fell through in August, Megan, the owner, tried her best to occupy the vacant comic book space by selling local arts and crafts on consignment.  Her efforts worked, and she filled the store nicely with an assortment of locally crafted clothes, artwork, and even bee balm.  Unfortunately, the consignment biz was not enough to keep her going, and, sadly, she’s now closing shop at the end of October.  Tis a sad day, indeed.  Make sure you get in before closing to get your last servings of mochas and paninis, as well as to wish Megan luck on her future endeavors.

– Help your neighbors, keep an eye out for stolen trailer!  The following was taken from a neighborhood facebook group:
   Attention Fo-Po Neighbors…Last week this Large Trailer (seen in backdrop of attached picture) was STOLEN from Rhone Street between 58th & 60th in the middle of the night. It was parked on the street, like shown in the picture, in front of the owners house, none of the neighbors heard a thing! 
       If you see this trailer, please contact the Police and message this page so we can let the owners know…the owner is a landscaper by trade and this is a quintessential component to his work, so the safe return of this trailer is a serious matter – – thank you all for your keen eyes!

Please email us if you know of anything that can help get this trailer returned.

– And on to brighter news….7-11 is inching closer to a presence on Foster.  Did I say bright?  Oh, I meant blight.  Maybe we’ll have a shiny new building, but cheap, unhealthy food and beer will also be more prevalent in the neighborhood.  Just what we need, right?  Does this mean our part of SE Portland will no longer be considered a “food desert?”

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6 Responses to Party today…plus other weekend tidbits

  1. John Mulvey says:

    Yr blog is the best f-ing thing there is. Thx.

  2. Thanks so much, John. That’s very encouraging, and certainly what keeps us going.

    • John Mulvey says:

      I know I owe you some content –definitely a short update on the 50s Bikeway project, maybe something on the old Arleta Library building, plus I was thinking about getting some more info out on the expansion of the PCC campus up on Division. (Did you know that PCC acquired the Legin restaurant and the old German-American Society buildings last year?)

      I promise to have at least two stories to you by this weekend.

  3. I groaned out loud when I realized what was going in to the old blockbuster building was a 7-11. Because really… what we need on that block is another convenience store…

    That said, I’m bummed that I just now read about the block party.

    • John Mulvey says:

      I’m with you –7-11 is a pretty crappy addition to the hood… almost as bad as when they put that crappy Little Caesars in at 52nd. I know there’s a glut of food cart pods right now, but that triangular Blockbuster lot would be ideal for that.

  4. John, we’d love to get contributions from you. I’ve been waiting to bring up the Wikman building until I heard more from Nick. If you have any info, we’d gladly post it. Ditto for the 50’s bikeway and PCC campus (I read about it a while back, but an update would be good. Definitely a good presence to have nearby). No pressure, though. Ha ha.

    Bryan, sorry you missed the party. Unfortunately, I missed it as well. Hopefully the turning weather won’t get in the way of more neighborhood gatherings.

    As for 7-11, not only was I disappointed, I actually was a bit surprised, too. With Plaid a few blocks away, and the Foster Market across the street, I wouldn’t think it’d make good financial sense. That site definitely had much, much more potential.

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