Meet Your Neighbors: The Gemini Lounge

Richie & Seasons Koll

Gemini Lounge
6526 SE Foster Road

Who are you?
Gemini Lounge is committed to supporting local & eco friendly options. You will find an abundance of local food & drink options, local handmade & vintage art on the walls & even 75% of the building materials were purchased from locally owned businesses.

What do you do?
A great place to eat, drink & mingle. Stylized vintage cocktail lounge with yummy cocktails made with above average wells & fresh squeezed juices, Oregon beers & PBR on tap. Nice selection of West coast wines, gourmet bar food menu including 12 slider duos of deliciousness & other eats all served late, not to mention great tunes & good people.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)
After 5 years in the neighborhood we noticed something was missing in our beloved hood. We wanted a place to have a date night, meet friends for happy hour and be able to show off to visitors. The neighborhood didn’t quite have anything that fit the bill. Since Richie’s life long dream has been to open a bar & I had experience in business (I own Presents of Mind on Hawthorne) & the bar industry we decided to make a place ourselves. We needed a name for this fabulous cocktail lounge we planned to create & since we are both Gemini’s, “Gemini Lounge” was a perfect fit. The 60’s motif fits the zodiac theme as do the 12 “Gemini Twin” slider options, one for each sign of the zodiac. There are also twin images throughout the lounge many from local artists & a 12 vintage light chandelier at the entrance.

What brought you and/or your business to the Foster-Powell Community?
We bought our house 5 years ago near 65th & Woodstock because we fell in love with our house and the neighborhood surrounding it immediately. Watching the neighborhood grow and change even in the last 5 years has shown us our predictions about this neighborhood are already coming true. This neighborhood was the only place we were interested in opening the bar. For one because we know what was missing for us & because we truly believe in the future of Foster. We were very excited to find a space for lease on Foster.

3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of FosterWhat is your favorite way to enjoy Foster?
#1 Improving the street fair. We plan to be very active trying to give Foster a proper street fair next year that will really pull all the neighborhood as well as beyond to Foster. #2 Commitment to the neighborhood. If we all try to support & recommend the businesses on Foster, we will attract more businesses to the area & improve the ones we have.
#3 Making Foster more pedestrian & bike friendly. The more comfortable it is to stoll or ride down Foster will attract more people from the neighborhood & the rest of the city to Foster.

How do you envision the future of Foster?
With successful restaurants, bars, shops & services lining the street in all the beautiful old storefronts.

Your Top Five Haunts in Portland
Bar Carlo
Mt Tabor
Arleta Library Bakery


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