Slogan Contest: Say what

We would like to extend this opportunity to you, the splendid folks of Foster. Do you have a fitting slogan that makes or breaks the routine.

Email us your ideas at

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6 Responses to Slogan Contest: Say what

  1. John Judy says:

    Foster Powell – Gateway to felony flats!

  2. Oldie says:

    A few with potential:
    FOPO: Not just another annoying acronym!
    FOPO: Because POFO just doesn’t have the same ring!
    FOPO: Doesn’t rhyme with Guapo {RIP}!
    FOPO-PDX: All the kid’s are trying it!
    FOPOPDX: B<diwgb^oihn@sl#ot$!
    FOPO: The Anti-SOHO!

  3. Jed says:

    FOPO: Foster the Movement.

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