An Ode to Guapo

As all good things come to an end, we are preparing to offer a sad, but warm and thankful, farewell to the soon-to-be former owners of Guapo Comics and Coffee.  Megan, Allie, and Jeremy have provided refuge, wonder, and caffeine for the weary, curious and bean-addicted folks of Foster for six years, and, sadly, their reign in FoPo is coming to a close.

Announced last week, Guapo Comics and Coffee is closing, and they’ll be hosting an “Adios Party and Blowout Sale” this Friday, August 26.  The party will start at 6pm, with the ensuing blowout sale continuing through the weekend.  This will also mark the transition to new ownership, as on September 1, the coffee shop will take on a new incarnation…sans comics, however, but with the same coffee and menu.

While Megan gives her stamp of approval for the new owner, as well as his goals to keep it funky, we can’t help to be sad.  I’m sure the new owner will receive a warm, FoPo welcome, but in the meantime, we say goodbye.

And as we bid farewell to Guapo, a haiku:

A summer wind ends
change, inevitably forges
ahead of its time

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