Up-and-Comers – Portland Monthly says FoPo is one of 3 hoods poised for a price jump.

From Portland Monthly:

“Though it may seem like an outpost, in reality Foster is only 10 minutes away from Hawthorne and 20 minutes from downtown.

“Slicing diagonally through Southeast Portland’s otherwise rectangular blocks, SE Foster Road looks like some urban planner’s unrealized Parisian fantasy. But the street actually began life as an Indian foot trail to Mount Hood. That may explain the surrounding Foster neighborhood’s Old West ambience: working-class bars, the Gun Room (yes, a weapons store), and Artistic Taxidermy, which has a jaw-dropping array of stuffed and mounted bears, cougars, and ducks.

“But with the nearby Lents urban renewal area extending all the way down Foster Road to SE 49th Avenue, and a future streetcar line already penciled in, this stalwart blue-collar neighborhood could be due for some spiffing up. If formerly disheveled thoroughfares like NE Alberta Street are any indication, a lively mix of storefronts, tree plantings, and thriving neighborhood businesses will soon arrive on the scene.

“As with many of Portland’s great (or in this case, soon-to-be great) hoods, artists sowed the first seeds of rebirth. Most notable is choreographer Linda Austin, who, 10 years ago, founded one of the city’s top DIY dance venues here: Performance Works Northwest. “When I first got here, [Foster] seemed like an outpost,” she says. “But it’s only 10 minutes away from Hawthorne and, on a good day, 20 minutes from downtown.”

“Other early adopters, such as An Xuyen Bakery and Guapo Comics, have recently been joined by the Slingshot Lounge, Foster Burger, Meticon Bikes and—tip your fedora—the Tango Berretin studio. In March, Austin and her partner, Jeff Forbes, unveiled plans for Performance Works’ expansion. Another indication that the curtain may soon be rising on this neighborhood’s best performance yet.”

—Randy Gragg


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7 Responses to Up-and-Comers – Portland Monthly says FoPo is one of 3 hoods poised for a price jump.

  1. Co in So Fo Po says:

    Hi KimJSCP,Thanks for posting this! I saw it in the mag this month, and was meaning to get a discussion started about it. The other two neighborhoods that were listed as “up and comers” were Boise (Mississippi Ave. in NoPo) and Kenton (far NoPo, by the big Paul Bunyan statue on Interstate).This is wonderful to see, esp. for homeowners… Also, I like that you liked back to the original story. ~C

  2. Co in So Fo Po says:

    …hope you don’t mind! 🙂 This is the cover for last year’s neighborhoods issue.Also: check out the review of Foster Burger, later in the same issue. I looked for it on their website, but to no avail.

  3. KimJSCP says:

    Thank you!

  4. Donovan says:

    Until something is done to make Foster Powell more beautiful and slow down the traffic, it will continue to be a community that lacks character. I know the streetcar would be vital to making it better, and there is a “plan” in place, I can’t wait ten years to see it come to fruition.

  5. Co in So Fo Po says:

    Donovan, I agree with you that the streetcar is a much needed addition to the neighborhood, but I must defend the ‘hood– we do indeed have plenty of character! Just take a look at the stove palace, the array of international bakeries and meateries, Guapo, Arleta, Bar Carlo… the list goes on. I think of FoPo as being an ‘International Triangle of Delight.’ Right now, we have it all to ourselves… but once that streetcar goes in, the rest of PDX will also know that FoPo rocks.I think you’re especially right about the pace of the traffic. Powell won’t be changing anytime soon–it’s a state highway– but we can hope that the streetcar will encourage people to stop and savor the neighborhood. Just FYI, the streetcar comes up as a topic at the NA meetings pretty often. ~C

  6. Nick Falbo (So Fo Po) says:

    “the streetcar comes up as a topic at the NA meetings pretty often.”I’m curious, does the streetcar come up in a positively or negatively in the NA meetings?-Nick

  7. Co in So Fo Po says:

    Sometimes with frustration at how long these things take. But more informationally than anything else, if “informationally” is a word. I haven’t been in a month, so I honestly don’t know the latest news on that one… but I could probably get you in touch with the head of the transportation part of the N.A., (I think his name is Christian?). I might be able to dig up his email somewhere…

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