Play in the ‘Hood!

Hey, I just saw this in the Oregonian and thought I’d pass it all along to you…did anyone catch the show?  I’m looking forward to scoping out the teater and enjoying a play there myself.  Here’s the Oregonian’s story:

‘No One Wants to See The Wires’ at Performance Works Northwestby Holly Johnson, Special to The Oregonian

Monday June 01, 2009, 4:46 AM

Performance Works Northwest, a cozy theater space in the Foster-Powell neighborhood, offered the first of the Alembic series this weekend with “No One Wants to See The Wires,” a thought-provoking program written and performed by disabled actors. Carole Zoom, a disabled rights activist, artist and photographer, bipolar actor Bill Alton, whose work was performed by director Curtis Walker, and Julie Osborn, an actor, writer and singer with cerebral palsy offered intimate sketches of what it’s like to live in a disabled universe, whether you’re learning to maneuver a wheelchair, dealing with bullies or responding to voices in your head….read the rest here.


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