Construction starts on new apartments off Foster


SE 58th and Foster: three-stories and thirty apartments will soon rise in the background

The first domino has fallen, and construction has started on one of multiple proposed apartment buildings on (or, in this case, just off of) Foster. As per PortlandMaps, a total of 30 apartments will soon rise in a three-story building at 5811 SE Boise, which was most recently a vacant lot just behind 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu at SE 58th and Foster.

With plans for a mixed-use development across the street from Portland Mercado (up to 100 units), as well as the eventual rebuild of the Y-Arts Center with 54 units atop it at 6036 SE Foster, our scrappy thoroughfare may be inching closer to a building boom of sorts. These three projects are in addition to a proposed mixed-use project on the former Busy Bee lot at 5045 SE Foster. As we pointed out before, if all the development proposals on Foster get built, we stand to net at least 200 housing units to the mostly residential-less stretch of road from SE 50th to 72nd. That should add a new dynamic to Foster and take advantage of the soon-to-be-more pedestrian and bike-friendly corridor.


Bureau of Development Services – 5811 SE Boise apartments

In regards to the 5811 SE Boise apartments, the site sits just across the street Mt. Scott Funeral Home and is sandwiched by Artistic Taxidermy Studio and FoPo Tavern a block on either side. Plans call for 10 units on each floor, with a mix of studios and 1-bedrooms. The studios appear to be in the 400 square-foot range; 1-bedrooms in the 500-600 square-foot range. By adding 30 units of rental housing in the neighborhood, it should add a nice supply to those seeking alternatives to the rising cost of purchasing a home in the neighborhood.

And apparently more are to come. The 72nd and Foster project is moving forward, and the developers and architect plan to hold another community meeting November 9. (More info on that meeting later.)

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Get your vend on, party, and support Arleta School

Time for some holiday boogying…

We know that the neighborhood feeds into three elementary schools, but please consider supporting this event. Proceeds will help the Arleta Garden Committee fund a new green space and outdoor garden learning area.

If you are interested in vending, visit

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

The weekend is again upon us. And while we may not have the same enthusiasm as we had for braving the elements last weekend, it’s still advised you get out and about. A stroll through the neighborhood, a jaunt down Foster, happy hour, or some cider tasting at the food carts–it’s all there for the taking.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Yes, we said cider tasting. But we failed to mention that it’s hard cider tasting. And not just hard cider, either. Carts on Foster is hosting a Fall Tasting event this Saturday, in which all participating food carts will be offering a $3 tasting plate. This will be paired with free hard cider tastings inside the Pod Bar. Do it, people. Noon until 6 pm.

– Want some cash to make your neighborhood radder? Want to collaborate with other community groups to strengthen the neighborhood’s social fabric? Cool, you should, and you can receive between $300 and $4000 through Southeast Uplift’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program to do it. The near-yearly neighborhood grant program has funded some pretty cool projects through Portland, and SEUL has over $23,000 for projects in SE Portland. This is open for anyone to apply for so long as they meet the listed criteria–think community collaboration, building partnerships, increasing outreach and neighborhood capacity. Examples of projects awarded funding in the past: murals, community gardens, neighborhood events, and organizing activities for youth. Find a partner to do something rad in the neighborhood with, and you might be surprised what you’d be eligible for.

– If you’re in the market for commercial property on Foster, we have a couple for you.

– Speaking of commercial spaces, in a sad bit of news, Velvet Goldmine will soon be closing its doors. Get your hand-crafted and vintage clothing now while you can; they’ll be closing on October 29. We wish Loni good luck in her next venture as she switches gears and leaves the ol’ storefront behind.

– Check this out at Performance Works NW: Pharmakon Wobble–an unconventional evening of sound, image and movement. Arranged from philosophical and spiritual sources, both primitive and modern, from the traditional to the esoteric, Pharmakon Wobble is a work that examines the noumenous relationships between the human condition and its mythical paradox.

– The Portland Mercury is hosting Portland Wing Week, October 24-29. Why is this significant? Foster’s own Bar Maven will be participating, and they’ll have Chris Yu’s Korean Wings on hand for the duration of the event. You’re gonna want to get in on this, and you’ll have the better part of a week to do so.

– Just gonna hype this one more time: a new mural on the north end of the (SE 65th/66th) alley connecting SE Holgate to Starday Tavern (at Foster) may very well turn out to be a new symbol of Foster-Powell neighborhood pride. Peep game….here.

– Here’s your upcoming entertainment:
Performance Works NW- Pharmakon Wobble, Friday from 9-11 p.m.
Starday Tavern- Buzz Holland Happy Hour (6 pm) and Michele D’Amour & The Love Dealers (9 pm), Friday; Happy Hour Shenangins w/Grits and Applesauce (6 pm) and The Butchers (9 pm), Saturday
Carts on Foster- Fall Tasting, Saturday from noon until 6 pm
NWIPA- Noble Ale Works Tap Takeover, Saturday at 6pm; Grain & Gristle and Upright Brewing Dinner, Sunday at 5pm
Hammer and Jacks- Rock N’Roll Fairy, Sunday at 11:30 am
SMART Collective- Merso//Drowse//Helens//Clovver, Tuesday at 6:30 pm

Enjoy the weekend, people. Let us know if anything else is going on.

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Seen in FoPo


This is neighborhood pride.

Not only is the artwork rad and pride of place infectious, but someone has turned a typical, underused alleyway into something colorful and vibrant. It also serves as a proclamation of the pride that locals have for their neighborhood.

Props must be given to the Amrine family for providing the canvas (wall space) for the art and new neighborhood symbol, as well as the man behind the piece, Alex Southworth. We can now call this the “Okayest Alley” in Foster-Powell.

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Foster Commercial Spaces for Sale

Get your Foster real estate while it’s hot. Or lose your chance altogether once the Streetscape Plan starts taking shape in a year (or two, or who knows how long).


5338 SE Foster — LoopNet

Two buildings on Foster are for sale, one of which is back on the market with a 50% markup after being sold just four months ago. According to LoopNet, the former Decorette Shop building at 5338 SE Foster is again being sold. With an asking price of $725,000, that would be 50% more than than what the building sold for in June ($500k), as per PortlandMaps.

Who ever knew Foster would fetch that kind of return for commercial property? Smarter people than us, apparently.

If you can’t pull together a cool three-quarters-of-a-million, rest assured, the property can also be yours by lease, too. Here’s more info.

Further east, just past Buck’s Stove Palace, sits another building for sale. While we’ve yet to find an online listing for the property at 6819 SE Foster, we can’t deny the fact that a “for IMG_5771.JPGsale” sign does indeed sit in front of the somewhat inconspicuous building that (according to a quick Google search) may or may not be the home of Antonov Insurance. For those wondering if the value is in the land or building, it should be noted that the property behind the building (at 6802 SE Long) is a vacant lot and listed on PortlandMaps with the same (partial) owner. With the “Heart of Foster” just a couple blocks west, and the trio of I Heart Retro, SMART Collective, and a new taproom-to-be just a block east, this could be a prime location for a new business or development.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Well, our predictions for “dry and sunny” last weekend didn’t hold true. And this weekend’s supposed to be even crummier. Boooo. Stay safe out there, folks. And if you feel like venturing out to Foster, all the haunts are ready for you. There’s a lot happening, so make sure to check our list of upcoming entertainment (below).

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– The big news this week was the announcement by PBOT that the Foster Streetscape Plan is delayed again, and there are a couple changes to the way money will be split between components of the project that sit on either side of SE 82nd. With additional funding sources and a new re-paving project added to the overall improvements to Foster, the funding split looks like this: the six-ish blocks east of 82nd will get $4.7 million for sidewalk widening, street re-paving, and the general traffic re-configuration and streetscape improvements (street trees, lighting, etc) included in the 2014-adopted plan; the stretch from SE 50th to 82nd will get $4.175 million for its portion of the road diet, added bike lanes, signal reconfiguration and other similar streetscape improvements. The one positive, in addition to extra funding, that comes from the delay: the bike lanes included with the new road configuration will no longer end at SE 54th (going west) as originally planned—new designs will start the transition to three auto lanes further west, thus allowing for bike lanes to extend all the way to SE 52nd where they’ll meet the north/south  50’s bikeway.

– Speaking of the west end of Foster, it looks like another robbery happened at Pussycats. It does seem like our seedier establishments on Foster tend to get hit by the robber bug a lot.

– We finally got around to posting the results of our reader survey from a few weeks ago. The numbers were telling, and it was a fun exercise in learning more about our readership. In addition to the stats we shared, we’ll also be sharing some of the comments about what folks love/hate about Foster. Check for that in the coming days/weeks.

VICE recently published an article about Portland’s competitive pinball scene. And while the article mostly focused on the culture, specifically centered around Ground Kontrol in Old Town/Chinatown, we should point out that the pinball scene most definitely extends to the east side of the river and onto Foster. Slingshot Lounge hosts their own pinball competitions, and you can get in on the action this coming Tuesday, October 18. Peep it.

– Put it on your calendar: Fall Tasting event at Carts on Foster, October 22 from noon to 6 pm. Each of the carts will have $3.00 tasting plates, with the Pod Bar serving up free hard cider tastings. Sounds fun.

– Special plug for I Heart Retro….here’s a message from them:
         “We have a lot of fun at I Heart Retro. You might come in to the store and see us decorating a room, cleaning furniture, unloading (or loading) a truck or just sitting in one of our many vignettes just having an conversation. We are proud of our friendly, casual atmosphere. Most importantly, we are proud of our store!”
Keep doing your thing over there. We heart you. And for those in need of retro furniture and home stylings (or even old records), check ’em out.

– The Portland Mercado has a new cart occupying its lot, but it’s not more food. Check out the new Dear Fashion Mobile Boutique, which will be parked at the Mercado every Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Dear Fashion specializes in women’s clothing and accessories.

– Upcoming entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Texadrine w/Billy Kennedy (6pm) and Ska Queen Birthday Bash (9pm), Friday; La Rivera (6pm) and The Redeemed (9pm), Saturday
O’Malley’s- The Super Secret Hot Girls//Prison Dress//G*U*N, Saturday at 10pm
SMART Collective- Fire Nuns//The Toads//Husky Boys//Two Moons, Friday at 7pm
Hallowed Halls- Saint Frank’s Presents: An Acoustic Showcase with Red Steppers//John Miller//Taylor Kingman//Barret Johnson, Saturday at 6 pm (doors at 5). *Royale Brewing is sponsoring this event and will have one of their beers on hand
NWIPA- Killer IPA Fest, Sunday (day 1) and Monday (day 2), from 2 pm until close. *Day two’s event will be paired with Burger Mondays
Portland Mercado- Mercadito and Dia de Pinatas, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In conjunction with the season’s last Mercadito, there will be pinata making and smashing for all
Hammer and Jacks- Sarah Sparkle and Kimmy Crystal play music, tell stories, and play with puppets while the wee ones play and dance; Saturday, from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

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