Happy Weekend, Foster People!

The weekend is upon us. It crept up on us like a big, gray rain cloud. Coincidentally, we now we have both. Fear not, the sun and heat come back in force by Sunday, with us creeping toward 90-degrees by Monday. Enjoy the weekend, folks.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– As we mentioned yesterday, Winly Cash & Carry appears to be no more. We have no idea what the space will become, but one of our readers commented in that post saying they were under the belief Winly and 7-11’s neighbor, Paldo Market, may also be on the list of defunct or soon-to-be defunct businesses. We can’t confirm whether Paldo is still open or not, but apparently a brewer had eyes on the property and may have bid on the building. PortlandMaps doesn’t show a recent change of ownership, but it’s an intriguing thought nonetheless. More to come on this, I’m sure…

– Here’s what else we covered this week: Friday Happy Hours at Pieper Cafe and a Free-for-public-use Busking Stage outside of Saint Frank’s Music.

– Since the City just rolled out its bike share system, BIKETOWN, and because the Merc released its bike issue, we though we’d give special props to our local bike shops: Meticon Bikes, TerraCycle, and THRIVE Cycling. You all probably know Meticon already, but TerraCycle and THRIVE Cycling also operate in the neighborhood, mostly specializing in recumbent biking. They are neighbors, occupying two adjoining industrial spaces at 5720 and 5726 SE Center Street. Check ’em out.

– If you’re curious about the mixed-use, affordable housing and commercial development proposed for the lot opposite the Portland Mercado (at 72nd and Foster), you’re invited to a community meeting on August 3. The meeting will be held by REACH CDC at New Day Center for the Arts (5514 SE Foster), from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. This will be your opportunity to learn about the project and offer any input.

– Here are your weekend (and beyond) happenings:
Starday Tavern- Kory Quinn (6 pm) and Mr. Musu (9 pm), Friday; Grits & Applesauce (6 pm) and Farrago (9 pm), Saturday; BLEND w/Demtre Baca and family, Sunday at 10 pm
Bar Maven- PoP up fried Korean wing night! with OG hip-hop, Saturday at 4 pm
Foster Buds- Sunday Farmers Market, 12 – 4
* Essex Park- Movies in the Park will be on Wednesday, July 27. Fun starts at 6:30.
* Kern Park- National Night Out, party in the park Tuesday, August 2

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So Long, Winly, We Hardly Knew Ye

We thought something was up when the plastic sheeting went up, covering the windows a couple weeks ago.

The frayed and disappearing banner didn’t provide much hope.

The “For Lease” and “Sorry We’re Closed” signs made it obvious, though. It would appear Winly Cash & Carry will be no longer.

We’ve been surprised before, but all signs point to it being closed. Perhaps Paldo Market, 7-11, Plaid Pantry, Foster Market, the soon-to-be Bread & Roses Market, and nearby WinCo and Kaah Market meant Winly was never long for this world.

It was fun while it lasted.

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Friday Happy Hour on Foster Just Got a Little Better

The question isn’t if you should be going to happy hour on Foster. It’s why aren’t you.

Throw a rock in any direction on the strip and, boom, there’s a place to drink. And with the sun out, the number of outdoor dining and drinking spots, and glory that is Foster, this should be a regular thing for you.*

You don’t drink? Fine, get some cheap nachos at Bar Carlo with a lemonade. A mini kabab plate at Bar Maven. Or a pizza at O’Malley’s while your friends imbibe.

It doesn’t end there. Da Hui has multiple happy hours just to make it easy on you. And many more are dotted up and down Foster.

imageWe won’t urge you to take up happy-hour-ing on Foster just because we do. But if anything, we want you to know you have options for eating and drinking during those post-work hours.

Well, your options for Friday happy hour just grew a little. Pieper Cafe began experimenting with later hours on Fridays about a month ago. Now they’re adding happy hour to their repertoire.

Here’s what you do:

Go in like you would any other time of the day. Order a bagel, coffee, pastry, panini, or beer/wine. Or all of the above. On Fridays, though, from 5 -6 pm, you’ll get $1.00 off your bagel and/or pastry. And if you mention this blog post, you’ll get $1.00 off whatever the drink special is–alcoholic or not.

And consider this: while you sip on that drink special–it could be a mimosa or whatever they’re concocting that particular day–and have a bite to eat, know that you can carry on from there and do the same somewhere else. Because Foster just gets down like that.

* That’s right, we paired ‘Foster’ and ‘glory’ intentionally. 

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Calling All Buskers

imageFoster-area buskers now have a home.

Or at least a stage.

Saint Frank’s Music has built a community busking stage. Radness shall now ensue.

The Wikman Building has gone through quite the transformation in the last year, as the former (like, way former) Arleta Library has gone from vacant space to recording studio, music venue, guitar shop and, now, place to hone your public music-playing ways.

Gotta dig it, right.

Seems like a perfect complement to the plethora of music and performance venues, record stores and emerging, monthly art walk on Foster….not to mention the growing energy surrounding Laurelwood Park, which has seen new homes, apartments and businesses recently locate nearby.

Make it a thing, folks.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Well, we’ve hit the middle of July and the weather is still a bit funky. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Kinda like Foster, though. Hopefully you all find a way to get out and about in the ‘hood this weekend.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Our very own “P. Iggy Smalls” is famous. Many of you have already been acquainted with the “Notorious P.I.G.,” the ever popular farm animal turned pet turned neighborhood icon. She gladly watches over the Center Street bike boulevard (between SE 66th and 65th) and will gladly take treats (provided by old candy dispensers) from passersby. She’s already made her mark in the neighborhood; now she’s gracing the pages of the Willy Week as Portland’s Best Celebrity Pig. Keep doing your thing, P. Iggy!

– Speaking of neighborhood pets finding fame, Starday Tavern’s resident dog, Genghis, also caught the Willy Week’s attention, as they named him Portland’s Best Bar Dog. You go, Genghis!

– Like we mentioned, July is halfway over, which means it’s time to start getting your calendar right so you don’t miss out on summertime happenings. We won’t pretend to know half of what might be going on, but we have a few events for you to get on your radar:
PoP up Fried Korean Wings, July 23 at Bar Maven: guest chef and DJ mixing Korean fried wings and old-school hip hop
IMG_4677Movie in the Park, July 27 at Essex Park: Live music at 6:30; movie starts around 8:30
National Night Out, August 2 at Kern Park: Vendors, live music, and family-friendly fun from 6:30 – 8:30
This Is Portland Not Portlandia, August 13 at O’Malley’s, Da Hui, Starday Tavern, Double Treble (and SMART Collective?): we’ll post more details later, but this event will bring several bands to Foster in a coordinated event between multiple bars/music venues. A music fest, if you will.
Second Saturday Foster Art Walk, August 13 at various galleries and shops on Foster: by our math, August’s Art Walk falls on the same day as the above music event, which means you should just clear the whole evening and camp out on Foster

– In addition to the above, look for celebrations to commemorate Starday’s first year under the Justin-Shannon (and Genghis) ownership; four years in the ‘hood for NWIPA; and more.

– As we mentioned earlier in the week, 72Foster is inching closer to becoming reality. And as such, the neighborhood stands to gain 100+ units of affordable housing in a mixed-use development that will also add 10,000 square feet of commercial space across the street from the Portland Mercado. In addition to the proposed 72Foster development, there are plans to build a four-story, mixed-use development on the former Busy Bee lot just southeast of the intersection of Powell and Foster (where a homeless encampment now sits); a rebuild of the YMCA building at SE 61st and Foster, which will also include the addition of 50+ units of housing; and 30 apartments to an empty lot behind the storefronts at 5816 SE Foster. Foster’s growing up, folks.

– Here are your weekend happenings:
Starday Tavern- PDX: Buzz Holland Band (6 pm) and Amber Harlan Trio (9 pm), Friday; Erik Kallio (6 pm) and LEO ISLO (9 pm), Saturday; Ghengis’ 10th Birthday Bash and Rescue Animal benefit (dogs are welcome), Sunday at 4 pm
SMART Collective- Rod EP Release with Chugger, Glacier Veins, Two Moons and Lee Faulkner, Friday at 5 pm
Double Treble- Cherrybomb 13, 3 to Breathe, the BAR Pilots, and Searching for Sanity, Friday at 7 pm

Be cool, y’all…enjoy the weekend.

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Seen in FoPo

A little voodoo didn’t do no harm…

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