New Business Update

Foster’s newest not-new-bar is now open.







And Green Noise Records has a sign and steadily-being-renovated building to go along with its recent opening.
Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 7.05.57 AM






And Foster continues its growth spurt–good, bad, or otherwise.

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No Rising Phoenix Anytime Soon

IMG_4274Bummer. I guess Jesus just rolled through without any intention of bringing miracles to the building.

This is from the ‘Foster the Phoenix’ Facebook page:

“Hello friends and neighbors. The Foster the Phoenix movement will be taken a temporarily break as my father will be needing to use the space for his woodstove operation this winter. We have not given up on the idea of the Phoenix being great once again and a positive contribution to the community. However, the challenge of finding the financing to improve the property or potential buyer has proven very difficult. I will still be available via Facebook to discuss any ideas of how to restore this wonderful piece of property. Please be patient and don’t give up on the thoughts. We will bring it back!!!
“Thank You,

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Nayar Facelift Redux

Nayar Taqueria wasn’t satisfied with just one facelift. They decided to go with two— meanwhile, thoroughly exploring their color palette.







Seemingly overnight, they went from new, vibrant turquoise and green to…







Peach and purple.

Both look good, but I can only imagine what a third go-around will look like.

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More on Alleys

For those interested in improving neighborhood alleyways—and to follow up on our previous article—one of our readers, Derek, has offered the following to the conversation:

Alleyway beautification: the alley between SE 71st and 72nd, and SE Center and Rhone, serves as an example of how these spaces can be transformed

Alleyway beautification: the alley between SE 71st and 72nd, and SE Center and Rhone, serves as an example of how these spaces can be transformed

“…I’m one of the former PSU graduate students who worked on the Alley Allies project and I also provided guidance on the PSU undergraduate students who did the Alley7172 project you showed pictures from (more info is here:

“I wanted to comment because PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions just launched a program called the Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative. They’ve committed to working with residents in Foster-Powell and other neighborhoods that are part of the FosterGreen EcoDistrict on projects such as alley improvements over the next 3-5 years. This summer they hired a graduate student to work specifically with your community on such projects. Residents who are serious about their project, should contact the ISS now and ask about the program. You can find the info here:

“Also, there are lots of alleys in Northeast Portland, and recently we met with a group of interested residents from up there and brainstormed some alley related ideas. You can share ideas and ask questions on the Portland Alley Group forum we just started here:

“If you have questions or ideas about alley projects, feel free to contact us using the email on our website (linked in Jeff’s original article).”

This is a great resource that, while requiring time, energy and neighborhood collaboration, could provide a positive, transformative effect for the area’s livability. Thanks, Derek.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Halloween’s only a few weeks away, yet we’re still pumping sun and 70+ degrees. One of the nicest autumns I can remember. Don’t count on it lasting, though–the rain’s coming, so enjoy it while you have it.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

- There was a film crew set up off of Foster a couple days ago, just behind Diane’s and the ‘Smoke and Vape’ shop. I’ve also heard of filming in the neighborhoods. Portlandia? Grimm? Sons of Anarchy? All would be fitting, I suppose.

- Speaking of film….um, Big Trouble in Little China. Yeah, that happened. And at Foster’s own Bobwhite Theatre no less. Let’s be clear, this wasn’t top-flight cinema. But, damn, did Kurt Russel turn in a performance. Paired with Session, Pabst, and Olympia (yes, all three) and popcorn, it got even better. Along with audience commentary and a rad–and getting radder–local theater, this is not to be missed. Well, you may not get ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ again, but cheesy 80’s movies abound, and every Tuesday and Thursday provides a new opportunity for a good time. You wanted a movie theater, now go support it and watch it grow.

- Foster-Powell (and Mt. Scott-Arleta, too, for that matter) is an improving neighborhood. That much is for sure. Gone are the days of easy (well, easier) meth scores; many dilapidated houses have been renovated; Foster itself is burgeoning; and every year brings more fixed up properties, new businesses, and greater community energy. From time to time, though, we get the occasional wave of petty crimes. And the perception, it seems–whether backed by stats or not–is that this is the case now: stolen bikes, missing mail and UPS packages, and the odd-ball tweaker doing what they do, seems to be the biggest source of concern. We had a small piece earlier in the week discussing this to some extent. Feel free to add to the conversation. Also, the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meets every second Monday at Bar Carlo (that would be this Monday), from 6:30 to 8 p.m.–this would be a good venue to discuss concerns and network with neighbors to address the issue.

- The Foster-Powell Community Garden will be open today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday), as neighbors plant native species, work on a rain garden, and construct a community meeting area. Swing by if you’ve got time. And as always, keep up with what they’re doing over there at

- Weekend events/live music:
Performance Works NW- Dance/Play/Move: A Kids’ Dance Class, Saturday from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m
Bar Carlo- The Session (spoken word and open mic), Saturday evening; Sweet Reggae Sundays, Sunday evening (duh)
Torta-landia- Big North Duo, Friday; Adam Fisher, Saturday
Gemini Lounge- DJs Ashby Scaggs, Brian Todd, Cee White, Saturday
Starday Tavern- Rockabilly by Shuggie B Goode, Friday; Country-Western/Rockabilly with The Bakersfield Rejects and Johnny Payola and The Hired Guns, Saturday

Have a good weekend, all. Be cool.

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Takin’ It Back

Throwback Thursday.
Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 7.06.37 AM







Our first love: Guapo, oh how we miss thee.





And for those who share in the sentimentality…


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