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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day in advance. And happy long weekend. Hopefully you find ways to celebrate civil rights AND get into something uniquely Foster this weekend. It’ll be mostly wet, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– The Foster Window Project held its first painting party last night, and it was exciting to see it start coming together. The mural-to-be won’t just change the look of the Phoenix Pharmacy, but it’ll add some extra flavor to Foster in general. And if you didn’t know, the folks behind this project aren’t just stopping at the left-for-dead-but-oozing-potential building on 67th—they’re taking the same model and idea westward, too. Their next target is across from Meticon Bikes on Foster, roughly at 59th. (Think vacant, purple and yellow.) To get your suggestions in for the next art installation, go here: Foster Window Project – Habibi Building.

– You want a market to get produce and groceries, right? You hate Fred Meyer, right? Ok, make this happen, then: Kaah Neighborhood Market. Just one of the many things to look forward to at the Portland Mercado.

– A few of Foster’s own got some press in the Merc and Willy Week. Peep it: FoPo Tavern and Bar Maven review; We Heart SMART Collective

– One more plug for neighborhood business. Or shall we say, businesses. Foster Row is siiiiiick. Seriously, it’s rad. Check ‘em out. They’ve managed to fit 12 different businesses in the former drapery, churning out some serious arts, crafts, and design work. In addition to the different work spaces, there’s retail and, eventually, a community art space for you all to get dirty in. More on that later, though (we’ve got a profile of Foster Row coming soon).

– First N.W.I.P.A. brings us tasty beer (and they continue to do so). Then they introduce Salt & Straw ice cream, oysters, and meatball sandwiches. Then the occasional wine tasting. Fresh fish and organic produce? Yep, that’s happened too. You can even get tee-shirts and coffee there. Now? Get your cheese on. “Bromage: a pop up cheese shop with a curated selection of cheese for sale at pro deal prices.” Monday, 1/19. There’ll be cheese for tasting, for buying, and even some melted varieties in a fondue pot.

– “Fate Reforged Midnight Prerelease is tomorrow night! It’ll be a whole night/morning of manifesting, dragons, and caffeine!
If you know what fate reforaged and manifesting means, the above is for you. At Red Castle…duh. Tonight (Friday).

– Live music and other weekend happenings:
Starday TavernThe New Song Project, Friday; The BroadStrokes (Blues), Saturday
Bar Maven- Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament and Full Sail Tap take over, Saturday
Gemini Lounge- Amber Harlan Granmo Jazz Trio, Saturday

Enjoy the weekend, y’all. Be cool, be safe.

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Willy Week Reviews Bar Maven and FoPo Tavern. What Say You?

The free weeklies are giving Foster some love this week.

Or at least noticing us. That’s something, right?

As we mentioned yesterday, S.M.A.R.T. Collective got a well-deserved nod in the Portland Mercury. Next up? The Willy Week tackles Foster’s youngest bars: Bar Maven and FoPo Tavern.


Ok, Bar Maven’s not exactly new. But they are still young, and probably align more with FoPo Tavern than they do, say, Starday Tavern. So it makes sense they got paired.

In the end, Bar Maven made the better impression. And for good reason: food’s good and varied, beer options diverse, vibe is laid back, and—something the WW didn’t mention—they typically have Blazers games on the TV.

Here’s what Willy had to say about the two bars:

         “Given most passersby are flying at 40 mph, it takes some time for a new bar to build a crowd in Foster-Powell. At least that’s the word at Bar Maven (6219 SE Foster Road, 384-2079,, which has been open 18 months but only recently rounded into one of the neighborhood’s best bars. Maven’s sleek black exterior looks a little bro-y, but the inside is a faded rainbow of reclaimed wood to deaden speakers playing “Tighten Up” with all the clarity of a subwoofer rattling from the trunk of an ’87 Cutty Supreme. On a recent Saturday, the crowd was mostly late 20-somethings, drawn more to an eccentric tap list of pineapple cider and Barley Brown’s hefeweizen than the newfangled digital shuffleboard table or cocktails ($6.50 gets you cucumber and Bombay, $7 buys a cocktail with brandy and a grove of pulpy, muddled citrus). Maven’s pubby food menu has a Mediterranean twist, including a gyro burger ($11) that’s a delightfully sloppy mess of beef, bacon and sliced gyro meat. Coincidentally, just down the street there’s another new FoPo bar doing Middle Eastern food. That’s the newer, less-polished and so-far empty FoPo Tavern (5902 SE Foster Road, 771-2377). FoPo also has burgers and gyros, cooked by the solo bartender after she blends a ginger ale stand-in from 7 Up, Coke and bitters. It’s easier to hear the music—Ed Sheeran, the Weeknd—and the house-fried potato chips are tasty, but for now, the party’s down at Maven. “

So what say you? Is FoPo Tavern simply Dusty’s with a new name? Have they won you over? Who cares?

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We Heart S.M.A.R.T. Collective

Quick plug for S.M.A.R.T. Collective, the skate-themed board, apparel, art and music shop making Foster that much radder….

The Portland Mercury recently gave them a nod for their all-ages music shows and booze-free zone.

We often point to the regularity of live music at Starday Tavern, Torta-landia, SMART CollectiveGemini Lounge, and the occasional show at Bar Carlo or O’Malley’s, but S.M.A.R.T. Collective doesn’t get enough play. They should.

Here’s the blurb from the Merc:

Skate shop the SMART Collective (6923 SE Foster) has picked up where Laughing Horse left off, wisely enacting a similar no-booze/safe-space policy and hosting some of the best DIY shows of the past several months (although all shows at the venue have to start at 5 pm and be over by 8 pm)”

In addition to selling skateboards, clothing and promoting the arts, S.M.A.R.T. Collective has become somewhat of a youth center, as well. Check ‘em out if you haven’t already. You can read about its owner, Ben Firestone, here.

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Get Your Neighborhood-Involvement On

The Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meets today. Go. Mostly because you don’t have anything better to do on a Monday night (well, that is, if you’re not watching the Oregon game…which I assume many are), but also because there’s some rad stuff happening in the neighborhood…and this is where you might get involved with some of it.

Oh, and there’s burgers. And cock shakes. That’s the other reason. Meetings are now being held at Foster Burger, and you can pair your second-Monday-monthly meetings with all kinds of tasty, fatty goodness.

But there’s more. You’ve all been waiting for the Phoenix Pharmacy to be sold and renovated. That’s not happening. But it is getting a facelift of sorts. And maybe by that we can pretend that it’s not really deteriorating before our eyes. Alas, it is, but at least it’ll go out in style if its owner allows it to fall further into disrepair.

But maybe….maybe it won’t. Consider this its lifeline; its saving grace. It’s gonna get sexied up, and you get to help. The Foster Window Project marches forward this Thursday night for an evening of painting, friend-making, and a step toward some serious grassroots, community-based neighborhood improvements (read: we’re doing it ourselves until the city takes care of the Streetscape that’s been promised).

Ain’t nothing but a painting party, party, party (in Tupac voice)…

Help paint the mural-to-be for the first Foster Window Project building. This Thursday, from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Performance Works NW.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Not that we’re superstitious or anything, but we’ve had a very sunny start to the new year. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. It’s a slow time of year in the neighborhood, but there’s still plenty to get involved with. Check out our tidbits below.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Foster Row is getting another tenant/artist/creator/retailer. Scheduled for a  Valentine’s Day opening, we’ll welcome in advance: Wolf and Rabbit Emporium. Check ‘em out online while you await their opening.

– And speaking of new businesses, here’s a quick plug for another FoPo maker/entrepreneur, Katy Solovewicz. She and her husband are making and selling camel wool socks and apparel from their home, with the hopes of expanding someday. You can check them out online, too: Happy Camel Wool.

– Quick reminder for the civic-minded of you: the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association will now be holding its monthly meetings at Foster Burger—not Bar Carlo. The second-Monday-of-the-month meeting is up next week, and it sounds like we might get an update on engineering work for the Foster Streetscape Plan. Joy! Here’s the agenda.

– Ok, one more business plug—check out Backstory Books. They’re currently operating out of the indoor space at Carts on Foster, but they hope to find a more permanent location in the neighborhood. Throw ‘em some business, and if you know of any available storefronts, let them know.

– If you’re into city politics, planning, or history, or just curious about the direction the local urban renewal area is headed, head over to the New Copper Penny next Tuesday for a talk on the history of urban renewal in Lents. This event will be hosted by the City Club of Portland (info and registration: here). Remember, our stretch of Foster Road was added to the URA several years ago, so this impacts us, as well as our neighbors to the east.

– Also next week: the Foster Window Project painting party for the Phoenix Pharmacy mural. Thursday, from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm, at Performance Works NW.

– If you know of any weekend events, let us know. As of now, we’re only aware of live music at Starday Tavern (though, Torta most likely has music…just nothing on their 2015 calendar yet).
Starday- David Stoops, Ryan Freeman, and Jake Cline, Friday; BridgeCreek, Saturday

Enjoy the weekend, y’all. Be cool, be safe.

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