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I know, the choices are overwhelming.
Take that, Portland Loo….


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Happy Weekend, FoPo!

It’s been a fairly uneventful week.  Sun came, sun went. Rain came, rain went.  Now we’re somewhere in between.  We have a few items of interest to share, but nothing too significant.  Feel free to let us know what’s going on in your part of the neighborhood.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

- The Lily Day Cafe has reopened as “Midpoint Food and Drink.” Much will remain the same: good food, same rad owners, same location.  The big difference: they’ll now be open evenings and will have beer and cider on draft.

IMG_1161- Congrats to Darling Press, the new hand-crafted letter press studio moving into Foster Row.  They just met their Kickstarter fundraising goal and should soon soon be fully operational.

- Uh, this is happening (right).  Saturday at The Bob White.

- The Foster Streetscape Plan may become a reality after all.  The (hopefully) final Stakeholder Advisory Committee will meet April 16 to make final comments on the recently released draft plan.  Feel free to show up to that meeting and stay for the public comment period.  Also, Nick Falbo at Foster United is a committee member, so offer any thoughts you may have here:  Finally, the Plan is Here.

- International Tabletop Day is Saturday.  In the spirit of things, or to hone your skills, head on over to Red Castle Games in preparation.  You’ll thank me later.

- Weekend music:
Torta- Lisa Rono, Friday; Zac Allen’s Jazzy Night, Saturday
Gemini- Ryan David Orr, Birthday Boy, Saturday
Starday- JT Weise Band, Friday; Brad Creel and the Real Deal Saturday

Have a good weekend, all.  Be cool, be safe.

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Happy Weekend, Foster!

Well, that was short-lived.  The sun, that is…the glorious sun.  Despite the rain’s return, we trust you’ll find something to get into this weekend.  Even if it is a warm blanket with a movie.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

- Lots of real estate action these days…
* Major construction continues on Holgate—between SE 65th and 67th—with luxury homes on one end and a six-unit apartment complex on the other.  And that doesn’t include the recently disclosed plans for 6-8 vintage homes to be sandwiched between them on the vacant lot between 65th and 66th.
* In addition, two commercial properties are for sale on Foster (one at 67th, the other at 69th), with a fairly large church also up for sale just down the street.
* And then there’s the Portland Mercado to come.  Yikes!

- Speaking of real estate…according to the Portland Business Journal, Foster-Powell is one of the hottest neighborhoods in the metro region.  That claim is based solely on inventory and how quickly homes are selling, but it’s a decent indicator. Based on the article and inventory numbers, we’re the ninth hottest neighborhood with a 1.3-month supply of housing. For comparison, Rose City Park/Hollywood has the shortest turnaround in inventory with .6 months; West Hills/Goose Hollow was 20th with a four-month inventory.

- Ok, one more real estate tidbit.  Forget, the Portland Business Journal’s metric…we’re actually the second hottest-to-be neighborhood.  Or so says Portland Monthly poll-takers.  In that poll, readers said Foster-Powell was the next “hot” neighborhood—after St. John’s, which was voted as THE next hot neighborhood.  The same readers also overwhelmingly stated they’d never buy a house in the suburbs, and they perceived Lents to be one of the most unsafe neighborhoods in the city.

- More Portland Monthly Foster love: Foster Burger’s Kiwi Burger was listed as one of their “25 Sandwiches That Will Change Your Life.”  Kudos to them.  Though, I guess we already knew they made a proper burger.

- Any artists, musicians, or community groups interested in collaborating with or performing their work at the Portland Mercado?  They want you.  Click here for more info.

- And finally—before we get into the weekend’s events and live music—this wouldn’t be complete without some mention of antique stoves.

- Ok, here it is…lots of happenings this weekend:

* Lew Ford plays Torta tonight (Friday); Corey R-J gets the bill on Saturday
* Devlan James Band and Jawbone Flats plays Starday Friday night; Lenny Rancher, Church of Surf, and Steven Pearly & The Janglers make Saturday a big night.
* An end-of-residency celebration with Emily Stone + Dirt Stage at Performance Works NW, Friday through Sunday (check for times)
* The Lovesores, The Last 45s, and The Hot LZ’s will be playing at O’Malley’s tonight (Friday)
* Pulsar Productions will be hosting Space 3: The Neon Trilogy this Saturday at The BobWhite Theater. There’s word they may be partnering with Bar Carlo to act as a third, down-tempo stage (the first two stages will be set up in theater) due to fire code restrictions in the Wurlitzer Warehouse. Confirm with Bar Carlo and/or Pulsar for details.

Have safe weekend, all.  Stay dry, be cool.

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More Foster Property For Sale

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 9.14.16 AMOh, and while we’re on the topic of property for sale…

Here’s this winner.

“Prime real estate just awaiting a cosmetic touch-up.  Move-in ready and perfect for your new business in up-and-coming Foster-Powell.”

The listing doesn’t really say that.

Because—by “prime real estate”— we really mean forlorn, shoddy, and questionable code compliance.  But for $250,000 in the “Heart of Foster,” that’s a steal.  Right?

Get in while you can.  And if you do, let us know about the second-story addition.  It’s quite intriguing.

* On a serious note, with the Phoenix Pharmacy finding potential suitors a block away, and the Portland Mercado setting up shop a few blocks in the other direction, this is good land to own.  Or so I’d think.  Maybe a simple cosmetic upgrade really is all it needs.  Any creative types out there with some extra cash? 

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Churchless in FoPo

IMG_2172It was less than a year ago that St. Antonious, Portland’s only Coptic Orthodox Church—formerly located at SE 65th and Holgate—gave way to a bull dozer and soon-to-be infill housing.  And with it, its mostly Egyptian congregation relocated to greener pastures.

Will the Church of Grace be next to go, bringing with it the largely Russian community that currently makes up its services, youth groups, and Russian language school?

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 2.10.30 PMMaybe.  It’s for sale.

But what does this mean for a neighborhood that now appears to be losing a few institutions, and with it part of our diverse community?  And should we be concerned?

Now, to be clear, we’re not advocating for more religion in FoPo.  We are pointing out, however, that times are a changin’ in the ‘hood.  Call it unintended consequences of a shifting Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 2.16.24 PMneighborhood dynamic.  Blink, and it will all look different.

Or maybe we’re reading too much into it.  (Perhaps the congregation has simply outgrown the space.)  If so, I say slap a clock on that mother and make it a staging ground for time travel.

#SaveTheClockTower #DocBrown #ChurchlessInFoPo #Gentrification



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Food Co-op, Anyone?

Russian HouseFor sale: multi-use complex, ripe for paintball wars and end-of-times training and obstacle course.

Or, more realistically, a food co-op.

I suppose it would be sad to lose the Russian House, with its assortment of teas and VHS tapes for sale.  And with it, too, Russian Elegant Foods.  But I’m not so sure business is booming there…if at all.  Though if it is, maybe the current tenants stay.

Yours, for a cool $850,000.

Kickstarter, anyone?




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