Spring Cleaning = Money For Your Neighborhood Association. Do It.

N'hood CleanupIf you’re like most of us, you probably have way too much useless stuff laying around the house. And if you’re really like us, you probably talk about getting rid of it but don’t.

Well, now’s your chance to get rid of that trash heap you call a “collection of some sort.” And in doing so, you can also help raise money for the Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Associations. All you have to do is save that trash heap for a couple more weeks and then dispose of it at Arleta Elementary, where, on May 2, dumpsters will await you as part of the aforementioned Neighborhood Associations’ annual Neighborhood Cleanup. The money you’d normally spend on dump fees can be spent right here, in your very own neighborhood.

Keep it local, right? Right. Oh, and if you want to volunteer, you’ll probably get one free load to dump. You’ve always wanted one of those, right? Right.

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Walk-Through of the Portland Mercado

We’re not sure why we’re sharing this. I guess, mostly, because we assume you’ve all managed to get your act together and visit the Portland Mercado. But we also know that 1) not everyone flocks to these things, 2) not everyone who lives near Foster is as infatuated as us with the neighborhood goings-on, 3) you have lives. Probably the last one.


We have this recorded walk-through to whet your appetite a little:
* This is definitely not professional grade. In fact, it’s quite bad. But it should be good enough to show just how rad this place is.

Feel fortunate, Foster people. This is a good thing.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Consider this our much-belated weekend post. Hopefully it catches you all with some time to get your fill of neighborhood tidbits and weekend happenings. We’ll cross our fingers for some sun.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– The Portland Mercado is having its Grand Opening this Saturday, from noon to 7pm. And just to put it out there, folks, the Mercado is more than food carts–they have an indoor produce market, meat counter, juice and dessert shop, beer/wine bar, coffee counter, and office space. And to add to that point, the grand opening will be about more than food, too. Look forward to live mariachis, Cuban Salsa, Tango, and drummers; dancing; DJ’s; photobooth; face-painting; contests and giveaways. There first 500 people will get a gift certificate, too. With all that being said, we’ll definitely be eating.

– Ok, NWIPA takes the cake for neighborhood fancy beers (read: good and intoxicating, though not cheap); Bar Maven has a strong showing, too; the beer pod at Carts on Foster is highly underrated ($2.50 pints on Thirsty Thursday–come on); and O’Malley’s gets mad love for having a good tap list while also always paying homage to the classics in their annual Macro Brew Fest. But next week, Devil’s Point gets the nod in its entry into the beer-for-beer-lovers scene on Foster. Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewing will be the focus, as they take over the taps for the, Devils Sixpoint–Beer Expo. As per the billing: “Tattooed Hotties, Sick Ass Beers, Food Truck, Crazy Pole Tricks, BKLYN – PDX Vibes.” Wednesday, April 15, at 9pm.

– As Red Castle Games gets back on their feet post drunken-wrecking-ball-into-entrance, they’ve put together a fundraiser event this Sunday, starting at 2 pm. Live music from PDX Broadsides!, games (duh), raffle, and more. The show is free and family-friendly, though donations will be gladly accepted.

– The Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meets this coming Monday, from 6:30 to 8 pm. If you’re interested in hearing what’s going on in the neighborhood, want to get involved with such events as National Night Out or Movies in the Park, or just want an excuse to go to Foster Burger–yeah, that’s where the meetings are–make some time. Here’s the agenda if you’re interested: NA meeting agenda.

Weekend entertainment:
Foster Row– Darling Press is hosting an art opening from Relm Studios tonight, from 6-9 pm: art, food, drink, and music.
Starday Tavern– Farragon performs at 9pm, Friday; Marty Rodriguez and Will and the Ribs, Saturday
Performance Works Northwest(Un)Made: Solo Relay Series, Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Portland Mercado– Grand Opening, Saturday at noon
Red Castle Games– Reclaim Red Castle fundraiser, Sunday at 2pm

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Development Opportunity Near Portland Mercado?

We knew the Portland Mercado would be a catalyst for investment along Foster, but we didn’t know it would happen so fast. (I mean, the grand opening hasn’t even happened IMG_2962yet.) To be sure, no new investments have been made, but the PDC has recently made available its empty lot that sits across SE 72nd from the now mostly-open public market. And make no mistake, the prospects for development have grown tremendously since the former car dealership was transformed into a vibrant center for food, drink, small business, and community gatherings.

It’s no surprise, then, that as soon as the Portland Mercado had its soft opening last week,  a sign went up on the fence securing the vacant lot across the street. The PDC is definitely IMG_3992in the mood to make the Lents URA a success story, and making good on the properties they own along Foster will go a long way toward that end. First up was bringing the Portland Mercado to the neighborhood; perhaps a mixed-use development could be next.

We don’t know much about zoning (or the property itself, for that matter–is it for sale? how much?), but it would appear to be prime space for someone who’d like to build something with food, drink, pedestrian amenities, and a future improved streetscape as a lure. Oh, and Everyday Food IMG_0597Mart, Century Link, and Red’s Bar and Grill would be neighbors too. (But don’t worry about them.) Again, we don’t know what zoning would allow, but we do know the city is currently keen on increasing the livability of commercial corridors. With the streetscape improvements to come–bike lanes, reduced traffic speeds, trees–perhaps the PDC has an opportunity to add another asset to the neighborhood.

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The Next Big Thing Redux

“Remember the big boom in 2004 and 2005? Everyone was excited about Foster-Powell, Woodstock, and Cully. Then the market dropped. Now that it’s coming back, it’s Foster-Powell, Woodstock, and Cully. As if it’s a new thing.”
–Shannon Baird, Portland Monthly

Well, here we are again, pegged as up-and-coming by Portland Monthly. I guess it’s good that way: perpetually on the rise. And we know that when they say Foster-Powell, you can assume they also mean Mt. Scott-Arleta, which makes Foster right in the thick of it.

IMG_1370But what’s different this time is that the area is actually seeing the positive changes folks have long expected (hint: new businesses, beautification, a community garden). And we’re getting our proper dues, too. Just think: the Willamette Week and Portland Mercury often give us a shout in their bar, cheap eats, and, ahem, strip club guides (you always make us proud, Devil’s Point); the Portland Business Journal has noticed the rapid pace of housing-inventory turnover in the 97206;  the Portland Mercado has been getting heavy play in local media; the Foster Streetscape Plan has city council support and funding. Even Santacon came to Foster this year  (that’s what sealed the deal in my mind)!

What’s not to like? (Wait, don’t answer that. I already know the answer: tweakers, bike thieves, and one too many chop shops.)

To get a detailed glimpse of the neighborhood, both Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta, check out this month’s Portland Monthly, in which they break it all down into numbers: crime rate, home values, walk scores, etc.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Weekend, weekend, wet and sunny weekend. We have blah weather coming, but it doesn’t have to be a blah weekend. There’s been a lot of activity in the neighborhood lately–from business openings to police chases–so we know you’ll be able to find some action on Foster in the coming days. Enjoy.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– First and foremost, god damn, did you see what became of Red Castle Games after a drunk driver decided to flee from a hit-and-run and lead police on a chase down Foster? Smashed storefront doesn’t quite give it descriptive justice. Suffice it to say, there’s some cleanup involved after said drunk driver crashed into their front window and entrance, leaving a gaping hole in the building. Thankfully nobody was hurt. When Red Castle is up and running again, make sure you take all your gaming needs their way, as they’ll be working to recoup some of the loss that insurance won’t cover. And if you’re feeling generous and neighborly, they’ve also set up a GoFundMe page, so offer what you can to help them out.

– The other big news from this week is the soft opening of the Portland Mercado. The Grand Openining isn’t until April 11, but folks got a nice sneak peek of things to come on Wednesday, as several of the food carts began serving food. Also opened was Kaah Neighborhood Market, which has a decent selection of produce, as well as spices and an assortment of cheeses. Not yet but soon-to-be open is a wine/beer bottle shop, juice and dessert shop, butcher, walk-up coffee counter, party store, an assortment of office space, and commissary kitchen. 72nd and Foster just got infinitely radder.

– The Velvet Goldmine also opened this week, making a new neighbor for Nayar Taqueria and Meticon Bikes. Check ’em out for all your vintage and handmade clothing needs.

– We know Starday Tavern has regular live music (and comedy), as does the Bob White (on occasion) and O’Malley’s and Gemini Lounge (from time to time). Don’t sleep on SMART Collective, though. The skate shop doubles as an all-ages music venue, and they regularly play host to live shows. Catch one this Saturday for the SAOLA CD release party. Here’s the lineup:
6-6:20 Forgotten Toast
6:30-7 Soccer Moms
7:10-7:40 Dad Rock
7:50-8:20 New Social Outcasts
8:30-9 Saola

Foster-Powell Community Garden update:
Work parties have begun. The garden will be open (to all who wish to volunteer) the last Friday and Saturday of each month, from 10a-2p.
Also, mark you calendars for the annual plant sale and fundraiser: April 19, from 9a-3p.

Enjoy the weekend, all. Be cool, be safe.

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