Tavern, Get Your Tavern…Only $100k

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Wiltsey & Associates

You always wanted a bar. You just couldn’t figure out how to part with that $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

Well, here’s your chance….

Buy Starday Tavern, your very own watering hole in the “Heart of Foster.” (Seriously, though, shall we just call it the Foster District.) We mentioned it was for sale last week, but we thought we’d repost the business listing. (You know, since most of our readers are monied professionals with extra dough to spend.)

We don’t care what you do with it…even rename it “Bob and Alice’s.” Just don’t get rid of the live music—it’s a dwindling scene in Portland. There’s potential with this little spot, it just needs an owner willing to give it some extra love.

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Y-Arts Center Proposed for Rebuild, 58-unit Apartment Complex

Google Maps: 6036 SE Foster

Google Maps: 6036 SE Foster

The old Y-Arts is set to become the new Y-Arts.

If a planned proposal for a rebuild of the YMCA at 6036 SE Foster goes through, it would also mean much-needed rental housing is on the way, too. The planned development calls for a complete rebuild of the daycare and arts center, which may also offer additional “community service use.” Combining with the rebuild of the YMCA would be a 58-unit residential complex extending south of the building toward Holgate. The apartments would cap out at four stories.

Portland Bureau of Development Services

Portland Bureau of Development Services

This is big news for a Foster Road that has very little housing, as well as an area that is becoming increasingly more expensive. Adding rental units to the mix may alleviate that to an extent. And adding more legs and eyes to Foster can only create a bit more vibrancy in what sometimes becomes a dark and ghostly stretch past 9 pm (with the exception of Barmuda Triangle between 62nd and 66th).

The Portland Bureau of Development Services recently posted a pre-application conference notice for this project, which shares more of the development’s details. For those concerned with parking, the apartments will sit atop space for 40 cars; an additional 30 parking spaces would be scattered in a lot north of the apartments. That lot, and the YMCA itself, would front Foster Road, with the “Y” abutting the east end of the commercial strip that includes Tambayan (Filipino restaurant), Wild at Heart Salon, and (among others) Heads High Barber Shop.

Portland Bureau of Development Services

Portland Bureau of Development Services

This comes at a time when the commercial strip across Foster (and just to the west) is seeing something of a renaissance, too. We’ve seen new businesses, renovations, and fresh (and colorful) paint splashed about between Nayar Taqueria, Velvet Goldmine, Green Noise Records, and Meticon Bikes. The “Heart of Foster” a few blocks east may have its own designation, but it certainly isn’t the only part of Foster making a name for itself. Perhaps we’re finally seeing an entire district forming.

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Meet Your Neighbors: Mike and Dan from PDX.FARM

Plucking produce from your own yard is great in theory. But for some, theory isn’t easily translated into practice. And for good reason—planning a garden takes know-how, space, some visual sense, time, money, and some bending over. Some are gifted with all of the above, some are not. If you’re one of the latter, fear not, an edible garden is still within reach. Enter PDX.FARM, Foster-Powell’s do-it-yourself backyard-CSA brought to you by your neighbors, Michael Roe and Dan Campbell. With the aid of Michael and Dan, you’ll get the right soil mix, garden beds built, and veggies growing in no time—all you have to do is pluck the produce when it’s ready. Get to know them and their growing (no Michael Roepun intended) business, pdx.farm.
1) First off, let us introduce the guys behind pdx.farm. Without copying the bios on your website, who are you?
Michael- Though my wife and I have chosen FoPo as the place to bring up our kids, originally I am from Gisborne, New Zealand, and my wife Amanda is from West Virginia. During the transient travels that luckily led me here, I never had my roots on the right ground long enough to grow a garden…. Now we (this includes our 2 children) have been in the hood for 8 years we’ve had the ability to turn over ground and build gardens to grow food. I am also a Photographer and Registered Nurse, but growing food is such a pleasure. Little story if I may….last summer early one morning I could not find my son Harold in the house, but did locate him between the raised beds in our backyard. Upon asking him what he was doing, he pulled up a cucumber he had just picked, took a bite, and looked at me and said “having breakfast!”
Dan CampbellDan- I’m from Bainbridge Island, WA, but was raised on a fishing boat in SE Alaska. While working on my college’s farm I found the coolest lady in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Since then we have traveled the world while working on organic farms throughout. We moved to FoPo over five years ago, where we are now raising two awesome kiddos. In addition to PDX.FARM, I run my own sustainable landscape maintenance business with most of my clients in FoPo. I’m dedicated to making this neighborhood a wonderful place to live (as a resident and as the neighborhood association’s transportation chair) and I continue to be in awe of all the wonderful people that are part of this community.

FoPo Garden2) Describe pdx.farm in 5 words.
“Growing organically from your yard.”

3) Ok, that wasn’t fair. What is pdx.farm and how did it come together?
As our families have grown up together in FoPo, so too has our friendship and our love of gardening. We value providing food for our families and want our kids to eat fresh off the vine. Over this time, it became obvious to us how much fresh food people could produce for themselves regardless the size of their yards. PDX.FARM comes from us wanting to put our joint skills, knowledge & experience together to provide a service that will enable people to grow their own food like we do.

4) I know you guys are interested in creating edible gardens, but it seems like sustainability and building a strong community is part of your goal, too. Can you speak to that?
Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 9.50.41 AMTeaching people how to grow food is a priority because it helps empower people to become self-sufficient and will help people cut down their grocery bill.  In addition, using sustainable lumber like juniper is something we also encourage when we build raised beds. Foster-Powell, like many neighborhoods in Portland, has little access to healthy food, but by creating edible gardens in people’s yards it increases the access to healthy options, as well as building a stronger community.

5) For a lot of us, creating an edible garden can seem overwhelming. That’s where your expertise comes in. For someone who’d like pdx.farm to turn their yards into something that can produce food, give us an idea of what and how much can be grown in a confined space—say, one 4 x 6 bed.

Before (left) and after (right)

Before (left) and after (right)

It depends a lot on location and sun. With good sun we can grow three tomato plants, onions and basil through the summer in one 4×6 bed. And the cool thing about the mild winters we’re having is that we can grow greens throughout the fall and winter in that same bed. With understanding of how different veggies grow you can pack in a lot of food through companion planting and planting in succession. PDX.FARM likes to grow food for our clients, but we also teach people who want to learn how to grow food so they can become self-sufficient

6) Obviously you like to garden, but what else can Dan and Mike be found doing in and around the neighborhood?
Mike- Growing lots of starts in our greenhouse to give to local schools’ plant sales and to give to neighbors to encourage growing food.
I almost always have my camera on me, so I take lots of pictures of those things that catch my eye. I like to support local businesses when possible, and on the odd occasion I work at my favorite local watering hole, N.W.I.P.A.
Especially during the Spring to Fall months, our front yard becomes a kid magnet, which is something we love as a family
Dan and MichaelDan- You can find Dan chasing his kids around the hood, hanging out with the wonderful people in FoPo, and always at the Neighborhood Association meetings.

7) When you’re digging and hammering away, what’s playing on your walkman—I mean boombox…er, iPod?
Mike- Depends entirely on my mood and what I am doing….such a variety…Macklemore to REM to Rage Against the Machine to Led Zeppelin to Indigo Girls to Fat Fredy’s Drop to Michael Franti to Bob’s to ….. Recently I did listen to my first ever audio book while in the garden and it was GOOD…. “The Martian” by Andy Weir …funny. Mostly I like to listen to positive stuff so as to have that good association with my garden.
Dan- Waylon Jennings, Hurray for the Riff Raffs, Cave Singers, Macklemore, John Hiatt
Much thanks to Dan and Michael for sharing. Remember, y’all, this is a local business ran sustainably by your neighbors. If you’re interested in connecting with Dan, Michael, and pdx.farm, you can call for a free estimate at 503-459-8125; or email at thefarmboys@pdx.farm

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Man, already halfway through May. And lots going on lately in the ‘hood—from new businesses and proposed apartment buildings, to demolitions and steady rockin’ at the Portland Mercado. Things are active, Foster People.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– What did we learn this week? Homes are still selling like hot cakes in the 97206. I know it’s a good indicator of a “hot” neighborhood, but why is everyone leaving? (Just kidding.)In all seriousness, feelings are mixed on what this means. On one hand, real estate values are increasing. But on the other hand….real estate values are increasing. It’s a double-edged sword.

– Things are still oddly silent surrounding the potential sale of the Bob White Theatre. Who knows what, if anything? Anyone?

– You want to start a business in the “Heart of Foster?” There’s retail space available. And if you’re looking for a storefront to sell your wares (or whatever your business might be), there’s an opportunity to call Red Castle Games and Henry Higgins Bagels your neighbor. Here’s the Craigslist listing if you’re interested: 6418 SE Foster. Apparently Portland Ketchup is moving their office, which now opens the space for the next taker. What would make for a good addition?

– But there’s more. If it’s your very own bar you’re after, look no further than Starday Tavern across the street. According to the website, BizBuySell, the former Bob and Alice’s and now live-music-themed bar is for sale. It’ll only take a cool $100,000.

– Another all-ages show at SMART Collective. Tonight (Friday), from 5 – 8 pm, catch Blowout, Trashlord, Caregiver, and Sioux Falls for a mere $5, or free with student ID. Proceeds to benefit Live Again.

– More live music for the weekend:
O’Malley’s- Adam and the Molecules, Manx, Dr. Stahl, and the Misfortunes of Mr. Teal: Friday at 9 pm, $5.
Starday Tavern– Radio Wolf and The Lovely Lost, Friday; Raffa de Alaska, Deadliest Catch, Saturday

Enjoy the weekend, all. Be cool, be safe.

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Get Sharp, Foster!

This piece comes from one of our readers (and now guest contributor), Emily Dart-McLean. It’s easy to get excited about new food, record stores, and the prospects of a movie theater. But what about the essentials? You know, basic stuff that’s not quite as sexy but equally as important. Emily shares an overview of a new shop on Foster that provides just that: basic but important. Here’s what she has to say… *******************************

GetSharpThere is a new shop coming to the Foster-Powell-52nd neck of the woods: A-Z Sharpening (Moldings and Tools), at 5136 SE Foster. Recently there has been a lot of exciting new energy and movement on the street—vintage shops popping up, the Portland Mercado, rumors of new apartments being built, and even the twinkling promise of future bagels. Before you get all “it’s just a sharpening and tool shop” on me, hold on to your yawns people! This building has sat vacant for the past (at least) year and half. One thing that echoes throughout a lot of conversations in the neighborhood lately is “how do we fill up some of the  vacant storefronts?” In recent conversations people have talked about the balance of maintaining  the essence, grit, specialness, and feel of Foster, yet at the same time being open to development and newness. With the exception of the lovely Foster Row, Tacos Chavez, and some new food carts, this part of Foster was starting to get inundated with marijuana dispensaries and 24-hour sex shops (is more than one needed on a block?.. is one needed on a block?). People have tools, right? People need to get tools sharpened from time to time, eh? Voila, a new service in your neighborhood that hopefully can come in handy. If you stop by the shop, or know more information about timelines, do report back. 

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97206 Still Rockin’ It

Well, we did it again. But I guess the secret’s well out at this point.

We'll just assume they mean 97206: Foster-Powell, Mt. Scott-Arleta, etc.

We’ll just assume they mean 97206: Foster-Powell, Mt. Scott-Arleta, etc.

Apparently homes in Foster-Powell are still selling like hot cakes. So much so that the area again ranks in the top five neighborhoods for homes sold in the last quarter. So says the Portland Business Journal, as they again rank neighborhoods in the metro region by number of home sales.

According to their ranking for the first three months of 2015, Foster-Powell ranks third with 170 homes sold, only behind a Beaverton/Aloha zip code and Forest Heights. We’ll go out on a limb and say that the PBJ actually is focusing on zip codes, and thus 97206 is rockin’ it, not just Foster-Powell. So with that, Mt. Scott-Arleta is represented as well.

So how shall we call FoPoMSA to be a tad more accurate and fully encompassing?

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