Lansing Linoleum Bids Farewell

We do a lot of pimping of our local watering holes. We also give love to our coffee shops and taquerias. And our infatuation with Red Castle is well documented.  But it’s rare that we give praise for any of the other businesses dotting Foster. But, you know, that’s mostly because we don’t care about all the chop shops and apparent front businesses.

A couple stand out, though. And we figured we should acknowledge one in particular.  We mentioned in a piece not so long ago that Lansing Linoleum was closing shop and selling their building.  We mentioned it mostly because we’d love to see some commercial spaces get snatched up on Foster.  But we probably didn’t give Lansing Linoleum enough propers in that post.  The have, after all, been in the neighborhood for 66 years.

Sure, I know there are some guys hanging around Smokey’s and Foster Gardens that have been around for that long. But Lansing Linoleum has maintained a strong presence and family-run business for nearly seven decades.  That’s something.

So we thought we’d share a little farewell comment they just left: Continue reading

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Seen in FoPo










I’ll assume this isn’t by accident and nobody’s missing a few clothes and household items.

Oh the joys of exorbanant dump fees.  Or laziness.  Or…

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FoPo Pirates To Defend Kern Park

In case you missed it the first time, here’s an updated version….

FoPo -vs- Lents.  It’s On!

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 12.36.53 PMNope, it’s not what you think.

Instead, let’s discuss what’s planned as a friendly game of kickball.  Maybe, actually, spirited.  Perhaps even a little competitive.

Welcome to Outer Southeast Inter-neighborhood Kickball, a tournament to crown one neighborhood for kickball supremacy.

That’s why I’m going.

But there’s also leisure and laughter, and sun and socializing and refreshments.  And neighborhood-building, and even a bit of exercise if you want. Ok, maybe it’s just a tournament for fun and neighborhood-building. That’s permitted.

Make it what you want, but definitely make it.  And maybe, just maybe, FoPo will reign supreme.

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 12.34.43 PMHere are the details:

On Sunday, July 20th, a team of sludgy FoPo pirates* (disguised as kids, moms, dads, urban singles, maybe a couple random scrap metal collectors, and everything in between) will host the equivalent representatives from Lents in an old school game of kickball. To the death. Or at least until we all run out of breath and pull our aging hamstrings.

Welcome to Kern Park.  Defend the turf.

This is where you come in.  The team–at this point–is essentially a dozen, loosely committed neighborhood association folks.  That’s fine and well—and without their financial contribution and organization, this wouldn’t be happening—but it’s also boring.  That’s where we come in.  And by we, I mean you and all your sordid caste of pirate friends (FoPo does have pirates, you know).  Bring ‘em.  And again, defend the turf.

walking-the-plankThe match starts at 2 p.m.  Loser walks the plank.  Winner advances to the next round, where they’ll take on Mt. Scott-Arleta at Lents Park the following weekend.

Here’s the full schedule:

Week 1
July 19: Woodstock vs Creston-Kenilworth (Woodstock Park, 2 -4 pm)
July 20: Foster-Powell vs Lents (Kern Park, 2 -4 pm)
Week 2
July 26: Winner of Creston-Kenilworth / Woodstock vs Brentwood-Darlington (Brentwood-Darlington Park, 2 -4 pm)
July 26: Winner of FoPo / Lents vs Mt. Scott-Arleta (Lents Park, 2 -4 pm)
Week 3
August 2: Championship game at Mt. Scott Park, 2 -4 pm

Much thanks to the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association for organizing the tournament, as well as for securing funding through Southeast Uplift’s Creative Engagement grant program. Also, thanks to the other participating neighborhood associations for their financial contributions.

* Disclaimer: there will be no actual pirate involvement.  Though, there could be.
** For a much more official event listing (remember, we’re not the Neighborhood Association), go here:
*** Donations will be accepted from participants–though, not required–to help cover some of the cost of organizing the event, making banners, and providing refreshments. No booty? No sweat, plunder the other team’s (just kidding, you can play for free).

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Happy Weekend, Foster Folk!

So, uh, it’s gonna get hot this weekend. And progressively so. Today we’ll hit 94 degrees; 98 by Sunday. Then we’ll be hovering at a cool 99 on Monday and Tuesday. We like summertime in FoPo, but appreciate the beach and/or river that much more. If you decide to endure the heat, though, Foster does have you covered. Here’s where cool, outside patios and air conditioned bars and coffee shops come into play.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

- Who needs Foster bike bells? Ok, need is irrelevant–who wants a Foster bike bell? $10 a pop. Proceeds make your neighborhood rad.

- Tonight is the Hopworks tap takeover at Bar Maven. From 5-9, get free beer, cheap beer, food samples, and beer swag. Done.

- Here’s another call for help at the Foster Powell Community Garden. Today and tomorrow, from 10 am – 2 pm, help with weeding, laying mulch, assembling raised beds, and general site-prettying. Oh, and it’s Vicki Wilson’s birthday…so she’d really love to see you all there.

- If Vicki and her husband, John, weren’t doing enough already, they’re now embarking on another “Let’s make the neighborhood awesomer” campaign.  Peep this:  So, yeah, go celebrate Vicki’s birthday at the community garden and offer a hand.

- Speaking of neighborhood awesome-ification, Wild Lilac will be working with Depave and a host of volunteers to transform their parking lot into a community garden and new entryway into the program. The depaving takes place tomorrow, from 10 am – 2:30 pm.

- Live music for the weekend:
Gemini Lounge- Coloring Electric Like, Friday; Ashby Scaggs, Cee White and Brian Todd hold it down Saturday night
Torta-landia- Livi Yiu, Friday; Ann Krueger, Saturday
Starday Tavern- The HoneyCuts perform Friday; Lone Madrone does their thing Saturday night

Enjoy the weekend, folks. Be cool, be safe.

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Squatters Got You Vexed?

Trash HouseYou’re not the only one.  And, no, it isn’t just our neighborhood that’s plagued by the issue.

On the flip side, what’s an empty house good for?

The Oregonian’s Anna Griffin wrote a piece about the dilemma vacant properties pose for neighbors, police, and those squatting in them.  Not squatting.  But squatting.

Check it out here:

IMG_0846Coincidentally, there’s a video of police following up on complaints of a nuisance vacant home in our neighborhood. Rest assured, though, this is not just a Foster-area problem.

What are your experiences with this issue?  Are they a nuisance?  Better than who lived there before?  They bring the riff raff and all their scrap-metal-collecting-bike-stealing ways?  Housing in this city is increasingly unaffordable—why not let someone live in them?

Let us know your thoughts and how you’ve dealt with the issue.

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Talentless Foster-ites Wanted

simpleoldtypewriterWe need writers. Actually, more preferably, we need folks who can’t write but know how to poke fun at their neighborhood. We need folks who do neither of the above, but have an ear to the street and can post events, news, and happenings–or at least tell someone who will post them.

fotograf-mit-stativOr, if you have a camera phone and can take the random picture of some local oddity, you’re golden. (In no particular order, we like pictures of murals, drug houses, bike thieves caught in the act, inspiring public art and gardens, and fun alleyway finds…see right.) Alleyway CarAnd if you can put a silly, sarcastic, or somewhat descriptive caption to it…deal, we need you too. If you have some design skills, cool. If you live in Mt. Scott-Arleta, propose a name change…we’ll take you, as well.

Hit me up at

The more, the merrier. And the less talent you have, the better–you just need to dig the neighborhood.

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