Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Dang. December already. Warm, sunny days seem like such a distant memory at this point. Question for you all: what’s your favorite wintry/holiday drink of choice? Eggnog, hot toddy, hot chocolate (and Schnapps), hot buttered rum, whiskey to get you through it all, some other concoction?

Here are your weekend tidbits…

- Ok, someone in the neighborhood has to have a business idea and a bit ‘a money to open up a storefront, right? There’s space available right in the heart of Foster. Make it happen.

- The Sun Times is the most recent publication to tackle the best burgers in Portland. This time it wasn’t Foster Burger that made a “top 5,” rather it was Angry Unicorn. Kudos to them and our uniquely-Foster cart pod.

- For those following along with the Bobwhite: large-scale restoration is on the way. Projection screen, re-upholstered seats, new HVAC system, and a push to get the Wurlitzer Room ready for music, food, and drink.

- If you want a say in potential designs for the Phoenix Pharmacy mural, get to Monday’s Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association—Bar Carlo at 6:30 p.m..

- We all know N.W.I.P.A. has good beer. But they’ve got good eats, too. Meat and cheese plates, meatball sandwiches, oysters…Oysters! And to get more oyster-y, your neighborhood bottle shop will be hosting Nevor Shellfish, from Netarts Bay, tonight. Also on hand—for the non-beer drinkers—a select few wine specials will be available. Tonight, from 6 – 9 p.m.

- Spot 79. Just sayin’.

- Weekend music and happenings:
Starday Tavern- HayMaker and the Redeemed, Friday; Slim Bacon, Saturday 
N.W.I.P.A.- Nevor Shellfish, Friday at 6
SMART Collective- Live music with Caregiver, Sioux Falls, and Robot Boy- Saturday from 5-8pm
Gemini Lounge- Dj Encrypted, Saturday

Enjoy, all. Be cool, be safe.

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Phoenix Pharmacy to Get Facelift; You Get to Help

Thanks to the amazing folks behind the Foster Window Project, a.k.a. the amazing folks behind the Foster-Powell Community Garden, a few buildings on Foster will be getting a much needed facelift. With some grant money to play with, and a desire to bring life to some of our left-for-dead commercial buildings, Vicki and John Wilson are organizing an effort to add art installations along Foster Road with the hope of sprucing up the corridor. A secondary benefit will be the notice of passersby who may find interest in some of these spaces, potentially spurring future investment.

IMG_0842First up on the list is the Phoenix Pharmacy.

We won’t get into how beautiful this building can be or how sad it is to see it left to decay or….you get the point. But come the end of January, as per the project’s timeline, the old drug store and historic brick building will get a facelift. And you get to help.

The project’s organizers have already solicited community feedback on mural ideas—the boarded, lower level of the building is the target site—and are now sketching ideas to reflect common suggested themes. They’ll be presenting three design ideas at Monday’s Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meeting, at which point you all get a say in which plan is selected. In mid-January, then, Performance Works NW will host a painting party to complete the art work. Installation would conceivably take place the last two weeks of January.

For more information, check out the Foster Window Project website. And if you’d like to participate in the process, the FoPo NA meets this coming Monday, 12/8, at 6:30 in Bar Carlo.

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Seen In FoPo

You know, in case you happen to have one…

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Get Your Very Own Storefront

It’s not cheap. But it’s big. Big enough to share if you have business-minded friends. Just think, art gallery AND clothing shop. Or noodle restaurant AND wine bar. Or hardware store AND produce. You get the point—make it what you want.

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 7.16.59 AM

Oh, and then there’s the added bonus of knowing the building’s being restored to its 1930’s-era glory. Plus you can call the future Cafe Red, Portland Ketchup Company and Red Castle Games neighbors (Plaid Pantry, too, if that’s what excites you).

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Happy Thanksgiving, Foster People!

We’re thankful for our readers, neighbors, and varied assortment of oddball Foster-ites that make this such a rad place to live and play in.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Keep Your Money in the ‘Hood

It almost feels like Friday’s shopping is more important that Thursday’s eating and giving thanks. I mean, it’s our duty to pull businesses out of the red and into the black, right? So why not follow up a day of excessive eating with a day of excessive and compulsive shopping.

I call BS on that.

But. Buuutttt…if you must. At least do it locally.

For those in search of retail options in the ‘hood, here’s our obligatory plug of neighborhood retail businesses (below). Feel free to share thoughts on the options, as well as add to the list. (We’re bound to overlook a few. Some, maybe, intentionally.)

Red Castle Games (6406 SE Foster)- board games, role playing games, nerdery, awesomeness
Green Noise Records (5857 SE Foster)- music. plus it’s a record store…you do want your kids to know what record stores are, don’t you? support ‘em
Renaissance Guitars (5923 SE Foster)- guitars, amps, and other stringed instruments
N.W.I.P.A. (6350 SE Foster)- beer. beer! also, gift certificates and a few assorted shirts
Above the Rest Homebrewing (7979 SE Foster)- yeah, beer! get the goods to make it yourself
Pieper Cafe (6504 SE Foster)- gift certificates for your loved one’s neighborhood coffee shop
Save Stores (6701 SE Foster)- vacuum cleaners and sewing machines
Buck’s Stove Palace (6803 SE Foster)- any kind of stove you may need to heat the house. also, help this guy retire so he’s more inclined to sell the Phoenix Pharmacy
Artistic Taxidermy (5700 SE Foster)- “get your prized moose head stuffed on Foster” (sounds like a good tee-shirt slogan…or something altogether different and dirty)
Foster Row (5300 SE Foster)- this could easily be your one-stop shop. letters, ceramics, custom furniture, pottery, jewelry, and more. yeah, you should go here
Soft Tipper Darts (6360 SE Foster)- get all your darting and billiarding needs here. also, arcade games
Meticon Bikes (5925 SE Foster)- bikes, pike parts and accessories
S.M.A.R.T. Collective (6923 SE Foster)- skate boards, skate accessories, apparel

Alright, hop to it if you must.

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