Minecraft and Micro Machines Do the Trick

imageWell that didn’t take long. The property (at 5816 SE Foster) that we posted about yesterday is now pending.

Apparently land is a hotter commodity now than it was last year, or even just a month ago when this listing was re-posted (and listed at lower asking price).

Or maybe it was just the fancy shmancy renderings that did the trick.

We’ll take the housing…let’s just hope whoever buys it is more visionary. (And maybe keen on affordable housing.)


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Fancy Renderings to Lure Developer to Foster?

ianosrealty.com - hypothetical development for 5816 SE Foster

ianosrealty.com – hypothetical development for 5816 SE Foster

Fancy is relevant. But this sure looks like the fanciest thing Foster has ever seen.

“Division Creep?”

Well, it hasn’t actually happened yet. And maybe it won’t. But the agent for a plot of land at 5816 SE Foster sees apartments, mixed-use, and lots of red and yellow Porsches. At least that’s what the Sim City-esque rendering and marketing flier would suggest. And this being Portland and all, it might not be too far off.

After all, the YMCA at 6306 SE Foster is being proposed for a complete rebuild and the addition of 57 units of four-story housing. It still feels surreal that this could be our future, though.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Could it?

Maybe. Probably definitely. Who knows? The property has to sell first. And whoever buys it would have to like yellow and red Porshes. Or they could have their own vision. But again, the property has to sell first. And to this point, we’ve yet to see any large-scale property sales on Foster. (Yes, I’m completely ignoring the fact that Nick Storie sold the Bob White Theatre for use as storage space. Ugh!) Oh, and then there’s the little fact that this property is now in round-three of marketing after first going on the market over a year ago. (See, we detailed round-two here. And round-one here.) But previous rounds didn’t have yellow and red Porsches and the allure of Division Creep. So there’s that.



There’s also the fact that Portland desperately needs more housing. And if we want the Foster-area to remain relatively affordable (or at least slow the inevitable un-affordability), adding multi-family rental units to the supply will help. Though, we can do without all the Porsches.

To be continued…

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Here we are, the last weekend in September. This time last year, Green Noise was in the process of moving in to the neighborhood; the BobWhite Theatre was playing movies; Dusty’s shuttered and became FoPo Tavern; the Business Association barely managed to get a Fun on Foster put together. Ah, what a difference a year makes.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– I suppose we should start with rumors of surveyor-sightings on Foster. What does this mean? It would appear city workers are laying the groundwork for the final stages of design engineering for the Foster Streetscape Plan, which should be close to commencing construction this time next year. Yikes! It’s almost a real thing.

– We mentioned earlier in the week that Backstory Books is planning a move to a bigger and more permanent location at 6010 SE Foster. Not only does it give owner, Amanda Doimas, a space more conducive to selling books, but it will give her a better commercial presence on Foster. Watch for Backstory to set up shop sometime before Halloween.

– Portlandia’s filming in the neighborhood today, and they’ve blocked off the sidewalk between Carts on Foster and Foster Burger / Devil’s Point. That leaves you with three guesses as to where they’ll be. My money’s on Devil’s Point.

– If you’re going to do anything in the neighborhood this weekend, make sure to stop by I Heart Retro and SMART Collective Saturday. This will be the spot to be, as they’re joining efforts for a Grand Opening and Second Anniversary party respectively. Between the two, you’ll get food, drink, music, cool stuff to buy, a photo display of the 1980s punk scene in LA, and much more. For real, people, check ’em out. Fun starts at 1pm.

Mixonline had a nice writeup on Hallowed Halls. Remember, folks, Foster-Powell has a state of the art recording studio (and more). Peep them when you get a chance.

– In addition to all the live music at SMART Collective and I Heart Retro’s Saturday bash, don’t forget to catch the following at Starday Tavern:
Friday- Haymaker; 9 pm
Saturday- The Knowle Roars, Sunset Flip and Mission Creep; 9 pm
Sunday- Kickass Karaoke; 8 pm

Have a good weekend, all. Be cool, be safe.

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Seen in FoPo: Elliot Smith Joins Oscar Wilde

Keep your Mona Lisa. I’m all about the stenciled literary and musical heroes popping up in my neighborhood.

A couple weeks ago it was Oscar Wilde. Respect.








Now we have Elliot Smith gracefully overlooking the neighborhood. Rad.
Screen shot 2015-09-21 at 10.36.43 PM






Keep doing what you’re doing, rogue artist. I want more.

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Goyita’s Market Will Soon Become Backstory Books

Screen shot 2015-09-19 at 3.50.20 PMNot sure what a Goyita is? Or Backstory Books, for that matter?

I can’t help you with the former, but I do know that Puerto Rico has a famed painting of the same name (thanks Google). I also know that it is (was) right next door to Viva Tu Vida Hoy, which I know even less about (though it translates, roughly, to “Live Your Life Today”).

This is a funky little strip of storefronts that range from Filipino food to barbershop, with a splattering of tienda and Asian videos. We wouldn’t want it any other way—keep it funky, Foster.

11017188_930649026985504_4583441788741883374_nEnter Backstory Books.

For those unfamiliar, Backstory Books now boasts as the lone vendor with a permanent roof at Carts on Foster. Only instead of food, they sell books. Duh. Backstory has a solid collection of used books that is well curated and run by owner, Amanda Doimas.

For the last several months, Amanda has been looking for a more permanent space that will better house her collection and retail operation. She finally found it at 6010 SE Foster.

No, Foster does not bend at SE 60th

No, Foster does not bend at SE 60th

So what that means for us is a real-deal bookstore on Foster. We’ve dabbled in comics (RIP Guapo). We’ve had zines. We’ve even had poetry readings (RIP Foster Road Salon). But a book store on Foster? Yowzer…we dig it. It also means that within a 30-second walk, you can get Filipino and/or Mexican food; get your hair did (and play dominoes on the sidewalk with the dudes who’ll do your hair); have a drink at FoPo Tavern; buy some clothes at Velvet Goldmine; records at Green Noise; get your bike fixed at Meticon. Sheesh.

Backstory ISo if you haven’t visited Backstory Books at their current space, fear not, they hope to open at their new location by Halloween. (For those counting, that’s just over a month from now.) In the meantime, feel free to visit them at Carts on Foster. And to encourage you to do so, as well as to help lighten the load pre-move, books will be going for half-price.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

We’re plugging along through September, and Fall is definitely in the air. Our time basking in the Foster-sun for sidewalk happy hours may be slipping away, but it doesn’t have to be the end of all the fun. We have nice weather this weekend, and there’s plenty to keep us busy when the cold and rain return for semi-permanent residency.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– I’d say we sufficiently hyped SMART Collective this week, but if you haven’t been following along, they have a couple cool events coming up. First, their first ever “Merch Market / Open Mic” is this Saturday, which will bring art, music, zines and skate apparel to the masses. It’s for the consumer, yeah, but your participation if fully encouraged (that’s where the open mic comes in). Next Saturday, 9/26, marks the two-year anniversary of SMART Collective running game on Foster, so check them out then for a celebration welcome to all.

– Not to be forgotten, I Heart Retro shares a wall with SMART Collective and is equally rad in its own right. And being somewhat new to the neighborhood, they’re going to tag-team with SMART Collective and add to the September 26th party with a Grand Opening celebration. So basically, um, just plan to hang out on that block for the day (1 – 8 pm). Live music all day, BBQ, beer, photo display of 1980’s LA punk rock scene, art, raffles, cool vintage furniture, and skateboarding.

– For those organized enough to plan ahead, put this on your radar: Fall Fest at the Foster-Powell Community Garden. The annual event will be on October 24th, from 4-8 pm, and is open to all (especially those willing to volunteer). The plan is for a decorated garden, games, food, live music, costume and pumpkin-carving contest, and prizes. Plan to go, but more importantly lend a hand if you can help them get the above as part of the imageevent.

Saint Frank’s Music is in the house. Literally. Twas a sad day when Renaissance Guitars left the ‘hood, but all your guitar needs (and more) can still be met in the neighborhood. Find them at the Wikman Building / Hallowed Halls space.

-And while we’re putting things on the calendar and talking about Hallowed Halls, we might as well mention their planned Halloween Bash. More info to come, but expect costumes and live music. Duh.

– Portland has reclaimed the top spot as best bike-communting city. That might not be the best description—we can’t say we’re the best, but we do have the highest percentage of people who commute by bike. And just think, a large and busy, diagonal road cutting through a large swath of SE Portland will be adding bike lanes within the next year and a half. That should surely boost bike ridership numbers out this way.

– Weekend entertainment:
SMART Collective- Merit, Rose’s Armory, and Animal R&R perform tonight, 6-8 pm; Merch Market / Open Mic, Saturday 1-5 pm
Starday Tavern- Borrowed Trouble, Friday; Tweakin Like Matty, Saturday; Kickass Karaoke, Sunday
FoPo Tavern- Ferociously Funny Friday, standup comedy
World Famous Cannabis Club- Arch D Jay, Friday; Sol Slippers, Saturday

Let us know of any other news or happenings we missed. Be cool, y’all.

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