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Cops and Helicopters and Barricades, Oh My!

As per the Portland Police Bureau, posted 40 minutes ago: “The Portland Police Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT) has been activated for an armed barricaded subject in a home in the 4400 block of Southeast 61st Avenue.  Traffic is closed … Continue reading

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A Rash of Bungled Crimes Hits PDX

We must be in a recession– strange criminals are crawling out of the woodwork, perhaps especially hopeless in the face of a bleak economic outlook.  Nationally, bank robberies are on the rise:  five Manhattan banks were robbed on Monday alone, … Continue reading

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Baseball and Crack Battles in Lents

As much as our neighbor Lents has going for it right now (Urban Renewal Area dollars, a new Max line, contending for the new Beavers stadium), it’s still battling old problems, including prostitution on nearby 82nd and drug use. Check … Continue reading

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Grafitti in FoPo

According to the broken windows theory, broken windows, litter, and evidence of other petty crimes sends the message to criminals that it is unlikely that their their acts will likely be prosecuted. Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Pointprovides a fascinating overview of … Continue reading

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Burglary on 72nd

Perhaps my FoPo newbie status make me more shocked about these things. The City of Portland’s crime map for the area (left) certainly indicates that property crimes aren’t all that unusual for our piece of PDX. Still, when a friend … Continue reading

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