Jeff—neighborhood cheerleader, critic, advocate, and blogger.  I garden, drink coffee, play husband, and obsess about the following:  baseball’s Giants, the 49ers, Foster and its environs, traveling, and how I can retire early to do more of the above.


Young, old, boy or girl…and maybe a tad sarcastic.  You enjoy capturing the oddities of FoPo, whether through photograph, word, or otherwise.  If you want to lend that art to FosterPowellPdx as a contributor, let us know.  Email fosterpowellpdx@gmail.com

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  6. Heather Langhorst says:

    Hello there,

    My name is Heather Langhorst. I’ve just moved to Portland a couple of weeks ago. I’m a single Mom of two little ones with a crazy, busy political job. We are on SE Steele St. And we need a few things, mostly community, good friends, a good baby sitter and some suggestions for a pediatrician. We have fallen in love with living here and are deeply committed to helping in whatever way we can If anyone has suggestions, feel free to email back or post a reply: hriley24@gmail.com.

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