Building boom continues

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 7.04.37 AM

As proposed, a 3-story, 15-unit apartment building may rise at this location,

Just to be clear, there is no actual building boom on Foster. To date, only one of the residential projects proposed for the commercial strip in the last year has actually been built—or even begun construction, for that matter. And that project, which added 30 apartments to 5811 SE Boise, is not technically on Foster (though, it’s close enough).

However, three other projects—the former Busy Bee lot, the YMCA rebuild, and 72Foster—are in the planning process. And combined, they’d add 188 units of housing to the corridor in mixed-use developments. That would constitute a building boom in these parts.

And those three projects could eventually be joined by a fourth, just off Foster at SE 61st.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.01.21 PM

As proposed, a three-story residential building would rise at 6103 SE Cora and offer 15 rental units. Tucked just off of Foster and within site of the proposed YMCA project, adding more housing to this corner of the neighborhood could help boost the commercial strip on either side of Foster—there’s Kilroy’s Tattoo, Tambayan Filipino restaurant, Backstory Books, Flat Blak and Latchkey galleries, and Wild at Heart Salon on one side of the street; Meticon bike shop, Nayar Taqueria, and vacant storefront on the other; Torta-landia and Botanica dispensary are just around the corner.

It’s unclear if the entire project would be built on one single lot, as Portlandmaps lists to properties at 6103 SE Cora—one is a single family home on a 5,000 square-foot lot, the other is a Comcast utility station also on a 5,000 square-foot lot. The former was recently sold in November, 2016, so we’ll assume that’s the property being developed. Stay tuned as more details emerge.


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