Comings and Goings

Despite its seeming stagnancy, the changes along Foster continue. Some are positive, some are sad. Some are smaller scale, others quite large.

Here are a few updates on some of the comings and goings along the strip (as well as one on SE Powell):

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 7.32.10 AM

Holst Architecture renderings of SE 72nd and Foster project

72F   The proposed mixed-use development across the street from Portland Mercado takes another step forward. Per the city’s Bureau of Development Services, Holst Architecture and the Portland Housing Bureau have submitted applications for commercial building permits at the 7120 SE Foster location. As we’ve shared before, the development still calls for three stories of affordable housing atop ground floor retail. The four-story building will include 101 apartments, up to 10,000 square-feet of commercial space, as well as room for Asian Health & Services Center to provide health and community services. You can read more about the project from the architect, the city, and what we last wrote in July.

Off The Griddle   The veggie burger joint has not announced an opening yet. But they’re close. Renovations are mostly complete, the bar is stocked, and menu is being prepared. IMG_7145While you can expect the original OTG Burger, it appears that there will be 7 beers on tap, some wine offering, and liquor for cocktails.

Green Noise Records   Sadly, the mostly-punk record store operating next to Nayar Taqueria will be leaving its Foster location April 23rd. We wish them luck as they venture northward to N. Killingsworth. While the storefront is a little unpolished, this could be a great location for a business-to-be, as they would call Nayar and Meticon Bikes neighbors, as well as the book store, tattoo shop, restaurant, and two art galleries across the street.

Raven Ink Tattoo   The tattoo shop next to Da Hui will also be leaving us if rumors are true. Perhaps they already have. If true, and you know someone who’d love to locate their business next to Pieper Cafe, the soon-to-be Off the Griddle, and the aforementioned Da Hui, there could be a commercial space available soon.

60th and Powell   According to the city and PortlandMaps, the Dennis’ 7 Dees property is nearing its transformation, too. A developer has submitted applications for Land Use and Design  Review for a proposed self-storage facility at the nursery site, which most likely spells doom for the current garden center. The proposed three-story building will be different than most self-storage facilities we’re familiar with—the developer builds storage facilities that more resemble mixed-use lofts than they do the typical drive-up facilities, it won’t be a 24-hour facility, will be heavily landscaped, and may include Powell-facing community space on the ground floor. To the latter point, the community space would be concession to neighbors who seek more positive energy at the street level, as well as, possibly, a space for the South Tabor Neighborhood Association (or other community groups) to meet.

Know of any other comings and goings? Let us know.

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4 Responses to Comings and Goings

  1. winnebagos says:

    How about the Lay Low Tavern next to 7 Dees? Operators of a bunch of great bars moved the remnants of Club 21 to the old Coasters space.

  2. Greg says:

    Any noise from Bread and Roses?

  3. blakedore says:

    Talked to the brother of the owner of Raven Ink today. He was cleaning the place out and told me the shop is heading up to Hollywood district.

    He also made a couple of comments that part of the reason for the move was because of a concern of lost biz when the streetscape rebuild happens… Surprising!


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