Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, folks! And happy weekend, too. We have some news for you, some entertainment, and, perhaps, a promise of some sun before the weekend ends. Get out in the neighborhood, have some fun, and enjoy what appears to be a sunny, mostly dry Sunday.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– We’ll just throw this out there now. It’s St. Patrick’s Day…O’Malley’s is open at noon to celebrate. I’m starting my weekend early…perhaps you should, too. What’s more, they’ll have live Irish music from 6-9 pm, as well as a corned beef and cabbage dinner. Yes!

– As we mentioned yesterday, Futpool Portland’s opening is imminent. And the soccer enthusiasts should be happy. While the pricing structure and decor are still in the works, the owner wants to get doors open sooner than later, so as to introduce the futsal/soccer/pool combo game to the neighborhood. We got a sneak peek at the venue a couple nights ago, and the space is nearly ready. Here’s what to expect: for an hourly (or by the half-hour) rate, you and friends get a 20-by-10-foot table to play on; access to a fusball table; beer; multiple TVs that will air televised soccer events; and a backroom that’s available to rent out for parties (which would also include a playing table). The owner is excited to open the recreation space, but is also open to ideas from the community. We’ll keep you posted on its opening; when it does, stop in and give it a try.

– We’ll provide more details on this next week, but we have an artist/non-profit that wants to paint a mural on Foster. Their mission is to paint something with a social justice angle, and they feel Foster would be a good corridor to serve as its venue. We’ll put a call out next week, too, but if you know of a wall (and its owner) that could fit the bill, let us know.

– In a bit of sad news, Green Noise will be leaving its Foster location and resettling the record store on Killingworth. You have a little over a month to take advantage of their Foster location, as their last day will be April 23rd. We’ll wish them the best at their new location. And perhaps now would be a good time for any of you to start crafting your business plans with a new retail space potentially available soon.

– On a positive note, we chatted with the owner of the market-to-be at SE 64th and Foster (next door to NWIPA), and he’s still on track to open sometime this spring or early summer. The space is coming along, and the vision should align with many of your hopes for a community-oriented market.

– Guys! We have a doughnut shop in the (sorta) neighborhood! Doe Donuts is located at 8201 SE Powell, and is apparently worthy enough for Portland Monthly to include in their recent listing of plant-based eateries. Coincidentally, they also included Off The Griddle in its list; OTG should be open in the very near future.

Upcoming entertainment:
O’Malley’s- St. Patrick’s Day festivities, open at noon, live music 6-9 pm
SMART Collective- Watefronts//Lovejoy Fountain/Extra!Extra!, Friday at 7:30 pm
Starday Tavern- Buzz Holland Band Happy Hour w/Paula Sinclair (6pm) and St. Patrick’s Day Bash (9:30pm), Friday; All Star Funk Jam, Saturday at 9pm; Rascal Martinez, Sunday
Portland Mercado- Comedy Night, Tuesday at 8pm

Enjoy the weekend, y’all!

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One Response to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Spiffy says:

    Doe Donuts isn’t open yet… went by yesterday and they’re still remodeling…


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