What’s New?

It’s been exactly three weeks since our last post. Times have changed, for sure, and our once-fierce-blogging days have waned quite a bit. And they’ll probably continue to do so until we simply cannot find the time for our Foster love affair anymore…or, at least, share that love with the commitments of work, the joys of parenthood, and the assorted demands that were once only thought to be the domain of old people. To the latter point, I think I’m arriving there. Combined, this unpaid labor of love can only go so far.

But we won’t die off just yet. Just a slow peter.

Ideally, we can stick around long enough to witness some of the prospective changes expected to hit Foster—streetscape improvements, new businesses, etc. Alas, those changes will also define a new era in the neighborhood. And as such, it will provide the perfect escape route for us as Foster enters a new age.

Join us we peter out…slowly (and very sporadically), but ever fascinated with our quirky little strip. We’ll try to make the next couple months fun….

In the next couple weeks, we’ll try to get caught up on the various goings-on in the neighborhood, share some news and updates regarding business and development along Foster, and reacquaint ourselves with 90’s-era hip hop. We’ll also take emails from anyone (really, anyone) who may want to take on a new (old) website and rebrand it as their own.

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14 Responses to What’s New?

  1. Jacob Puhl says:

    Please make it a slow peter! 🙂 I have a weird obsession with this blog and this 1 mile stretch of road. I need some time to wean myself off! Thanks for all you do

  2. porksy says:

    Totally understood, but you will be missed once this great blog is petered out.

  3. Tony Lynott says:

    And your sister city (well, village),ThoTow, will miss hearing from you.

  4. Zyd says:

    You will be missed! No revenue from local ads?

  5. Jefly says:

    Dude, are you drunk?

    (really liked the blog and you will be missed greatly)

  6. Terah Beth says:

    Understand your situation, but I definitely want to give my thanks and let you know you’ll be greatly missed! You’ve been an awesome advocate for our neighborhood.

    Thanks so much!


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