Snookball cometh. Foster to get soccer-themed play space.

The once-envisioned Office Taproom, which would have been located next to SMART Collective and I Heart Retro at 6913 SE Foster is no longer.

In its place? Futpool Portland (or some variation of that name).

In a (guessing here) first-of-its-kind space in Portland, the former martial arts studio and Russian tea and movie house will soon play host to live snookball games, Foosball, and televised soccer events. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to get all your soccer needs met whilst sipping on a beer, too. That’ll come later, though. As will more details on the space-to-be…

For now, know this: snookball is real, and the new-ish sport which fuses soccer and pool on a giant ground-floor pool table will soon be finding its way to Foster.

Here’s a partial, sneak peek at the space in its early stages:

And a little promo for the game itself:

*We’ll buy drinks for anyone who can flash moves like homeboy in the video.

More details to come…

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9 Responses to Snookball cometh. Foster to get soccer-themed play space.

  1. Spiffy says:

    another game made awesome by incredible scale, just like mondo croquet… I want to try this out…

  2. Rebecca says:

    Arg, I was really looking forward to the taproom and table tennis. Boooo.

  3. Anti-m says:

    Are the folks from Nayar behind this effort? They were talking about opening one of these!

    • M says:

      I think so. They were behind the taproom but due to permit issues that plan appears to be scrapped. They do still hold the lease on the building. Hopefully they can use the applied for liquor license at this place.

      • Anti-m says:

        Huh, do you know what the permit issues were? That’s a shame!

        • M says:

          Something about requirements due to the size and the intended us. The family from nayar wanted the owner of the building to cover the cost, the building owner was not going to.

  4. Con Man says:

    The Con Man is not pleased. Time to head down to Foster Garden for an ice cold shot of Fireball.

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