What we learned bout you, our readers

A few weeks ago we posted an eight-question survey that was designed to help us learn who our readership is. While it was a fun test to see who exactly is following us, it was also a neat glimpse into how you all came to find the neighborhood, how long you’ve lived here, and what it is you love (and hate) about the area.

In all, we had 241 respondents. The results were varied, but a few things also became pretty clear. We share below:

A full third of our readers have lived in the neighborhood for less than two years. That would definitely reflect the recent surge in local real estate that saw more homes sold in the 97206 than most parts of the city for close to two years, as per the Portland Business Journal. A little more than a quarter of you moved to the neighborhood between 2-5 years ago; ditto for those that have been here between 5-10 years. Rounding things out were the “lifers” at 11%. Kinda nice to know we have some OG’s following us. Thanks, gang.

In regards to the age range of our readers, the largest group of you are in your 30’s (almost 60%), with the 40-somethings holding it down at 25%. Almost 10% of you are in your 20’s, and the rest (8%) forever have youth on their side and know no bounds when it comes to age. We dig the ranges here, as it tells us there’s a little something for everyone. Respect!

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-6-56-57-amAs for the procreators and otherwise, we probably left too much room for overlap. I’m a parent, and I proudly will say that Da Hui is my spot. With that being said, we assumed it wasn’t for most of the parenting masses. Ditto for the Hammer & Jacks crowd—we assumed (seriously hope) you don’t hang tough at the kids’ toy store without any of your own. But that’s not necessarily a given, so the answers weren’t necessarily exclusive of each other. Here’s what we got for you, though: More than half of you (53%) are solid Da Hui people (right on!), 28% of you are parents but still like to find the kid-friendly drinking spots on Foster (we’re looking at you, Bar Carlo, O’Malley’s, Torta, Pieper Cafe, and Foster Burger), and 18% of you are really happy that Foster finally has more than just bars and strip joints to claim its fame.

After getting a feel for who all of you are, we started to dig a little. Our fourth question—What is your current take on the state of Foster?—revealed that maybe not all of you chose to live along Foster for its striking allure, nor are all of you too hyped on the changes that the neighborhood’s seen in the last decade. Before we share the stats, let’s first give props to the five people (2%) that said they “miss Bob & Alice’s.” Those five people are probably my screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-6-57-14-amfavorite readers. Moving on, though, we found that just over half of you (51%) dig Foster, but would probably like it better with more dining and shopping options. A solid 40% of you dig Foster for what it is now—equal parts grimy, nice, up-and-coming without the side of pretentiousness—which is not only indicative of Foster being uniquely rad in its own right, but that folks appreciate an unpolished gem. There are 17 (7%) of you, though, who don’t agree that Foster is an unpolished gem—it’s simply unpolished, an “armpit” ripe for being replaced by condos and boutiques.

Of all the stats we were able to digest, this might be my favorite: 17% of our readers buys something on Foster (we won’t say what) daily; 45% of you support Foster businesses at least 2-3 time per week; and an additional 24% spend their money on Foster on a weekly basis. That’s 86% of you—206 readers—who are supporting local businesses at least on a weekly basis. Kudos! There’s also a solid 13% who make it out at least once a month (we’ll work on you). We’ll just assume user error for the remaining 2% who prefer the trek to Division to spend all their disposable income.

And our last stat from the survey, which also happens to be the most overwhelmingly decisive stat, shows that 96% of respondents support the Foster Streetscape Plan. (Nine of the respondents (4%) are skeptical and prefer the current, four-lane option for Foster.) I suppose it’s safe to say almost all of you appreciate a good bike ride, less speeding cars, and a better pedestrian environment for your commercial district.


We actually had two more questions in our survey—What do you love/hate about the neighborhood, and how/why did you end up choosing the Foster-area to live? But I think we’ll save those responses for later. They were more subjective, thought-provoking, and worth sharing in their own post. And when we do post, it’ll be like an ode to Foster. We like those.

Thanks for sharing, people. And thanks for sticking with us.

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3 Responses to What we learned bout you, our readers

  1. Rebecca says:

    Bob and Alices? Maybe that was an okay bar, but the Starday is the okayest bar, and I wouldn’t choose anyone over them.

    • Well played with the “okayest bar.”

      As for Bob & Alice’s…just to be clear, it was a terrible bar. But there was something refreshing about its terrible-ness. And for clarification, we also much prefer Justin and the Starday crew…by a long shot.

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