Restaurant in the works for Foster?

I’ll go ahead and start two rumors here:

One, the Double Treble space may have been snatched up already. Two, we may be getting another place to dine on Foster.

We’d love to just leave you with that in a cruel test of patience and frustration tolerance. Instead, we’ll stray from a very strict habit of not posting on weekends and elaborate on our rumors.

First, the Double Treble space has a new tenant. In theory, at least–a lease has been signed; no occupants yet, though.

Secondly, we’ve learned the occupants-to-be have some bloodlines that indicate we’ll get more than just typical bar fare. And that alone is newsworthy. The folks behind (the once popular food cart) Off The Griddle and A.N.D. Cafe appear to be taking over the space at 6516 SE Foster. As of now, it seems we may get some iteration of the former, as the ever popular O.T.G. Burger has already been promised as a future menu item. We were contacted by one of the owners, who happen to be local, and they expressed their excitement over opening a restaurant in their own neighborhood. And if we were to venture a guess, folks will be pretty excited to have them too.

We’ll share more details as they come.  But for now, expect a few months of renovations, with a planned opening in January.

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7 Responses to Restaurant in the works for Foster?

  1. jniel says:

    So happy about this. I have missed their burger cart!!!

  2. Brett says:

    OTG + FoPo = OMFG!

  3. BetsyK says:


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  5. Sauté Filet says:

    Are there going to be any meat options? How about dairy options?


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