Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Slow week for news and happenings + busy personal life = light blogging for the week. We got you covered for the Friday post, though. Make sure you find a way to get out and about this weekend, even if just for a quick drink, a bagel, some records, or simply for a walk around the neighborhood.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Well, another homeless camp has made the news. And it sits right on the northern edge of the neighborhood at SE 75th and Powell Blvd. Apparently the parking pull-outs along Powell actually do serve a purpose, though probably not how neighbors would like to see the spaces used. Apparently things have gotten pretty bad–campers don’t feel welcome, neighbors don’t feel safe–and city policy and weird jurisdictional pass-offs (between the city, ODOT, police, and Mayor’s office) hasn’t given folks much sense of resolve.

Draft Magazine included N.W.I.P.A. in their list of top beer bars. Not just in Portland, but nationwide. They get special praise in the “Western Region” section, which is a nice claim to fame for the neighborhood. Good on them. *Magazine photo credits should be given to Michael Roe at Roe.Photography

– Uh, it’s just about October. Yikes!

Dickey Doo’s Pub and Grub is soon to be no longer. Enter the next era of that location’s revolving door of substandard bars. We’ll cross our fingers Local 66 proves us wrong.

– Second Saturday comes early in October. It’s next Saturday, October 8. In addition to the regular venues, Darling Press (at Foster Row) and BenWill Gallery will be joining in the fun. Put it on your calendars, people.

Here’s your weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Madjesdiq, 9 pm Friday; Deephaus, 9 pm Saturday
NWIPA- Matt’s BBQ Dinner, Sunday at 5pm (tickets required); Burger Monday, 6-8 pm (tickets can be bought here)

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Greg says:

    What happened to the poll results?


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