Happy Weekend, Foster People!

It’s officially fall, but that doesn’t mean the weather takes a complete turn this weekend. It’ll start off cold and a little wet, but we’ll climb nearly 30-degrees by the time we hit 90 on Monday. What that really means is you have plenty more opportunity for food and drink on your favorite patios and sidewalk seating.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– We’ve talked a lot about plans for residential and mixed-use development on Foster, but neglected to share that a multi-unit housing development has been approved at 8049 SE Center. As per Next Portland, the builder of a three-story, 12-unit apartment complex was issued a permit for construction. While it may catch some by surprise being in a residential area, it’s less than two blocks from 82nd Avenue and many amenities. More housing density along major corridors and shopping areas would seem to make sense.

– Burger Mondays at NWIPA returns next week!

– Thursdays in October just got a little more interesting thanks to Performance Works NW (at 4625 SE 67th Ave). Starting October 6, and continuing every Thursday for the rest of the month, there will be a weekly presentation of “bizarre magic and strange tales” from “three of the most peculiar manipulators of perception you will ever see.” The weekly performances, dubbed Ghastly Aberrations, is billed as an “evening of inexplicable oddities and strange occurrences.” Our hunch is that you should definitely check this out. Word of caution, though—this will not be suitable for children younger than 12. More info here.

– After limiting its service area no further than SE 60th several months ago, car2go has recently expanded their boundaries to SE 82nd. We’re now fully covered.

– The Willy Week came out to the neighborhood to check on the style and fashion of the people. Peep it

– The former Double Treble (and Gemini, and Lizards Lounge, and Renos, and….) space is still for lease. Someone make magic happen. Please!

– Weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern- Cory Quinn (6 pm) and Amber Harlan Trio 9 pm), Friday; Happy Hour Shenanigans w/Grits and Applesauce (6 pm) and Androck//DJ Big Weave//Tha Dno (9 pm), Saturday; The Quags (6 pm) and BLEND (9 pm), Sunday
NWIPA- Americana Night w/Resolectrics, American West and Out of Dodge (7 – 11 pm), Saturday

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One Response to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Hi there, I manage media relations for car2go Portland and just wanted to leave a quick note that the expanded Home Area is already in effect! As of this past Monday, 9/19, car2go members have access to start and end trips in the new Home Area, which extends out to 82nd Ave, including Foster-Powell! You can see the new Home Area map for more details here: https://www.car2go.com/US/en/portland/

    We’ve also lowered our prices in Portland for a limited time. Now you can drive a car2go for just $0.35 per minute, $10.00 per hour, or $50.00 per day. Happy driving!


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