Throwback Thursday

Whoa! My, how times have changed. The screenshot below is from August, 2009—not long before we took over this blog. Our predecessor gets a nod in this “Flashback Thursday.”


Screenshot of August 2009 blog post.

And not only shall the original FosterPowellPDX blogger—Colleen, I believe her name was—get a nod, but so too should Bar Carlo, Da Hui and Ichidai. They’re the only ones still standing from this blog post; the others have gone with the wind.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.31.37 PM

Grandmas Funky Furniture once sat in the corner storefront at SE 63rd and Foster

For some history:

Grandma’s Funky Furniture left their location at SE 63rd and eventually set up shop at 73rd and Foster, where they sold mostly (barely, or maybe not at all) re-purposed outdoor furniture on the lot that is now a used car dealership. They’ve long since left Foster.

Amor Lounge had a long history on Foster, but closed shop permanently (if our memory serves) about five years ago. Knuckleheads—yes, Knuckleheads—replaced Amor and was a legitimate biker bar. (Think Harley’s galore, leather, and live rock and blues music most Friday and Saturday nights.) They lasted for about a year, maybe a tad more, but not long after they too closed shop (for reasons we will only speculate on). After sitting empty for a while, the former Amor and Knuckleheads space was fixed up and became what we now know as Bar Maven.

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-7-31-05-amAs for Da Hui, even though they are still around, it’s worth noting that at the time Colleen posted the above blog, Da Hui was actually two spaces: restaurant and bar. They occupied their current location, as well as where Pieper Cafe exists today. Back then, the restaurant (where Pieper is) was separated by an inside entryway from the bar (current location). They consolidated several years ago and subleased the unused area. The corner location then became Yo Mama’s Coffee and Tea House. As you can tell, they didn’t stick. But we have their turnover to thank for the beloved Pieper Cafe, which now hangs tough at that corner location.

Oh, and Cava, whose closing prompted Colleen’s blog post? They occupied the space where Foster Burger now slangs patties and other assorted goodness.

Welcome to Foster History 101….

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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. Rebecca says:

    I miss the Yo Mama mural! I wish they kept it.

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