Foster Streetscape Plan gets updated timeline

As we mentioned in last Friday’s post, the Foster Transportation and Streetscape Project is at 60% design. While that’s nearly two-thirds of the way to completing design work, we assumed that the amount of work left made it unlikely  construction on the project would start at the beginning of 2017. Fortunately, just as fear of other delays–or worse–started to set in, PBOT’s project manager for the Streetscape Project, Rich Newlands, left a comment with an update.

Here’s what we posted last week:

“…we’ll venture a guess that the Foster Transportation and Streetscape Project will not see a start to construction at the beginning of 2017 as expected. It could…and we hope it does. But at a recent PBOT-hosted bike ride through the neighborhood, one of the guides said that design/engineering was only at 60%, which means there’s still a ways to go before projects can even be put out to bid. (The PBOT update in March stated they were finalizing design/engineering then, which may suggest things haven’t progressed much in the last several months.) Perhaps someone with more knowledge of these matters can chime in, though. We’d love to be wrong, especially with the sudden increase in injury and fatality on our city streets. The good news: it’s now called a project, not a plan.”

Indeed, traffic safety appears to be a rising concern. Pedestrians, bicyclists and auto drivers should all be able to safely coexist on our city streets. That is not happening right now, and a reconfigured Foster will go a long way toward calming traffic, making pedestrian crossing safer and easier, and allowing bikes to now share the road.

Here’s what Mr. Newlands said in regards to the current timeline:

“Rich Newlands here, PBOT project manager for the Foster Streetscape Project. While the project is indeed just about at 60% design, we still anticipate construction in Spring of 2017. A new twist is a paving project for Foster east of 82nd Ave, funded by the recently passed street fee, which we’ve been working on coordination with. It may push our schedule a bit, but still construction next year.”

Assuming there are no other delays, it appears we can safely say that construction will start within a six-month-ish time frame. For those that were involved with initial planning of the project nearly 14 years ago, it would seem to be surreal that implementation will actually happen in just a handful of months. Fingers crossed…

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7 Responses to Foster Streetscape Plan gets updated timeline

  1. Veener says:

    Maybe the Euro Furniture store will take down the eyesore? .. we can dream right!

    • Rebecca says:

      But the changing marquee messages get better and better! Is anyone photographing these? The most recent one about Rocky and Bullwinkle was pretty relevant. What WOULD Rocky and Bullwinkle think of what we are doing to Foster Rd.? I really got me thinking…

  2. Only if.


  3. Jeri Gedrose says:

    I’m concerned about the increase of traffic on Holgate during construction an after.

    • Rebecca says:

      I am also concerned about the increase during construction, but the increase after was studied in a traffic study by experts. It was going to be increased by a small (less than 10%) percentage. We live right between Foster and Holgate, and I was happy with the results of the study.

      • A lot of people share the same concern. And not just on Holgate, but on side streets, too. The hope, however, is that the benefits of a safer, calmer, and beautified Foster far outweigh the drawbacks.

        • hamellr says:

          I hope so, just this morning I saw a young woman come very close to getting run over because the person in the left lane was exceeding the speed limit by a significant amount.

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