Macro Brewfest 2016 Cometh

It’s that time of year again, and Foster’s uniquely-Foster beer fest is back. Courtesy of O’Malley’s, of course.

The annual Macro Brewfest, whether by intent, sheer brilliance, mocking fun, or all three, pays homage to the beers everyone has forgotten in the age of Double IPAs and expensive sours.

imageDon’t get us wrong, we like a good IPA or sour, but we also appreciate the refreshing cheapness of a tallboy. And starting tonight, you can imbibe in all its greatness through the weekend. Pair the glorious tallboy with trivia (tonight), DJ’s spinning funk (Friday), or live rock music (Saturday), and you have the makings of a decidedly-Foster beer festival…just the way we like it.

Here are the details:

15 varieties of tallboys will be in rotation. Of those, one will be chosen (by way of popular vote) as the official O’Malley’s house tallboy for the year. You can buy an $8 beer pass that gets you four tallboys of your choosing; a beer ballot comes with your purchase, which then gives you power to vote. (Quick note: you are not restricted to one beer pass. After all, four tallboys is not nearly enough to get you through the three-day stretch of festival AND 100-degree temperatures.) Thursday’s trivia will have beer questions and a $75 prize for the winning team; regular start time at 7pm. Friday’s funk comes courtesy of DJ Montel Spinozza, and Saturday brings live music from Urchin, Yacolt Burn, and Caleb Drost; music starts at 10pm both nights.

Enjoy, folks.

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