Foster Rewind: Best of 2015

We jumped into this post thinking it would be mere filler—something you could read as proof we’re not completely slacking during the holidays, but not too demanding on our part.

Well, we are slacking. And this wasn’t too demanding.


In digging around a little and looking at posts from the year, we found this to be way more than filler. Way more.

That’s not to pat ourselves on the back. At all. Rather, it’s to point out that Foster had a lot going on in 2015. A shit-ton. (Yeah, we said it.)

So where many of you see slow and sometimes zero progress along Foster (you know the doom and gloom types: all we have are bars, dispensaries and tweakers), we see more than we could have expected in one year. See, Foster is a long corridor. And any positive change can be like a needle in a haystack. But it is, indeed, positive change. And there really was a lot of rad stuff happening in 2015.

Let’s take a look.

First, here are links to our five most read posts (Theater for Sale…Tell Your Investor Friends; Tavern, Get Your Tavern…Only $100k;  Y-Arts Center Proposed for Rebuild, 58-unit Apartment Complex; Foster Folks; Streetscape Plan On Track, Not On Time.)

Now on to the good stuff (in quick order and with some serious link dumpage).

(To the tune of ’12 Days of Christmas’) In the year 2015, our true love gave to us….Henry Higgins Bagels, beer and wine to go with our Pieper paninis, Big Ass Sandwiches (briefly),  a mural on the Phoenix Pharmacy, buddhist temple, potential new residential development, a new recording studio and local record label, the Portland Mercado, handmade and vintage clothing, retro furniture store, a new and improved Starday Tavern, a cannabis cafe, round two of Foster Window Project, a sign of hope for the Foster Streetscape Plan, 15-year birthday bash for Performance Works NW, more neighborhood art, a bookstore and tattoo shop, a proposal for mixed-used development and affordable housing, and Twiggy the 3-foot frosted tree.

Whoa! That’s a lot. If all that happened along a thoroughfare half as long as Foster, it would be a complete transformation.

And….in addition to the above, we saw the following changes: the Bob White Theatre changed hands, dashing immediate hopes of an entertainment venue (but not before we were told it would be a venue, then not, then on the market again—hey, at least closing night was super rad); Busy Bee Cleaners was razed; Gemini Lounge was sold, renamed, and rebranded as a rock/biker bar; Smokey’s closed and became one of two new dispensaries in the neighborhood; a six-unit apartment complex was built on Holgate across the street from the SEIU building and Laurelwod Park.

And that’s 2015 in a nutshell, folks.

Happy Holidays…see you in 2016!

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