Goyita’s Market Will Soon Become Backstory Books

Screen shot 2015-09-19 at 3.50.20 PMNot sure what a Goyita is? Or Backstory Books, for that matter?

I can’t help you with the former, but I do know that Puerto Rico has a famed painting of the same name (thanks Google). I also know that it is (was) right next door to Viva Tu Vida Hoy, which I know even less about (though it translates, roughly, to “Live Your Life Today”).

This is a funky little strip of storefronts that range from Filipino food to barbershop, with a splattering of tienda and Asian videos. We wouldn’t want it any other way—keep it funky, Foster.

11017188_930649026985504_4583441788741883374_nEnter Backstory Books.

For those unfamiliar, Backstory Books now boasts as the lone vendor with a permanent roof at Carts on Foster. Only instead of food, they sell books. Duh. Backstory has a solid collection of used books that is well curated and run by owner, Amanda Doimas.

For the last several months, Amanda has been looking for a more permanent space that will better house her collection and retail operation. She finally found it at 6010 SE Foster.

No, Foster does not bend at SE 60th

No, Foster does not bend at SE 60th

So what that means for us is a real-deal bookstore on Foster. We’ve dabbled in comics (RIP Guapo). We’ve had zines. We’ve even had poetry readings (RIP Foster Road Salon). But a book store on Foster? Yowzer…we dig it. It also means that within a 30-second walk, you can get Filipino and/or Mexican food; get your hair did (and play dominoes on the sidewalk with the dudes who’ll do your hair); have a drink at FoPo Tavern; buy some clothes at Velvet Goldmine; records at Green Noise; get your bike fixed at Meticon. Sheesh.

Backstory ISo if you haven’t visited Backstory Books at their current space, fear not, they hope to open at their new location by Halloween. (For those counting, that’s just over a month from now.) In the meantime, feel free to visit them at Carts on Foster. And to encourage you to do so, as well as to help lighten the load pre-move, books will be going for half-price.

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6 Responses to Goyita’s Market Will Soon Become Backstory Books

  1. Franny Thompson says:

    A book store!!! You’re kidding me! Dreams really do come true!

  2. Awesome! You know, I didn’t even know about the bookstore at the carts. Yay!

  3. Yep. Now they’re moving on up.

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