Get Your Starday On; Grand Opening This Saturday

Starday, JustinShannonGhengisWe weren’t sure if we should hype Starday’s Grand Opening party simply because 1) it’s going to be a rad event, 2) the owners are good people and live in the neighborhood, or 3) because some of you still need convincing that it isn’t Bob and Alice’s or the previous version of Starday anymore. (Or maybe you just need some nudging to get out and explore Foster a bit at night—that’s ok, too.)

We’ll go with all of the above.

It’s time to get you some Starday. It doesn’t mean you won’t have room left for O’Malley’s, Da Hui, or Bar Maven (or Reds or Slingshot or FoPo Tavern or Foster Gardens or Spot 79 or—yes, there’s more—Andy’s); it just means you’re spreading the love. So spread the love you will. And you should start your spreading this Saturday for Starday’s Grand Opening.

Starday Grand OpeningHere’s the deal:

First, Justin assures us there are free hugs for all. Hold him to it.

Secondly, there’s music and dancing. Oh, and drinking and eating and—remember–love spreading. Word is there may be a couple guest bar tenders that you may or may not know from another Foster favorite (hint: it rhymes with Tar Farlo), and that’s mostly because lots and lots of people will require good and plentiful bar tenders. Why would you want to miss that? If you’re thinking of reasons to miss it, let’s steer you back to the light.

The musical lineup for the night is on point and ranges from traditional electronic to house, funk, hip-hop and techno. And if that’s not your musical taste, that’s what the booze is for.

But there’s also Angry Unicorn. Yeah, Angry Unicorn will be live and direct with their beefy goodness and greasy, bacony ways. So when Carts on Foster goes dark Saturday night, Angry Unicorn will be bringing the burger mobile to the “Heart of Foster.” They’ll post up between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.. Late night grub, naw’mean.

See, something for everyone: hugs, burgers, booze, and music. Time to get you some Starday.

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