Never Been to the Bob White Theatre? Friday Film Festival Could be Your Last Chance

Incredibly Short Film Festival to bring the Bob White back to life for a night. Could it be the last time?

With all the ups and downs at the Bob White Theatre, it’s only fitting that the building will re-open for a one-day-only film festival this Friday after several weeks of rumors and word of a potential sale of the historic theater. I suppose, too, it makes perfect sense, given the odd history of the building, that the last show before ownership changes hands is a GIF-based film festival that may be the last ever at the theater.

11303467_10100378365724271_147350965_nThe Incredibly Short Film Festival, which takes place Friday, 5/29, is rumored to be the last show at the Bob White. And not just under current ownership—perhaps, ever.

Or at least that’s the current feeling surrounding the theater and its “in-the-works” deal, in which Nick Storie will finally unload the building he was ill-prepared to run after buying it more than three years ago.

But we don’t have to mourn. Yet. There’s a rad little film festival happening (we mentioned that), and it’s time you made it down to to the theater for, perhaps, your last chance. Enjoy it for what it is….until we know what it’ll become.

And in case you’re already thinking of excuses not to go, know this: it’s free, there’ll be a DJ, and there may be some cheap HUB beer on hand at Bar Carlo for the early-comers and minglers. Oh, (incredibly short) films start at 8:30; event goes until 11 pm.

Make it happen, folks. Last. Time. Ever. (Or at least until we hear otherwise.)

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