Get Your Cinema On

Ok, well, not cinema. At least not cinema in the “classically produced, poetically directed, let’s talk movies and snob-out” kinda cinema. I’m talking “catch a flick, eat some popcorn, get a good chuckle, solid entertainment” kinda cinema.

How could you not go to a movie here?

How could you not go to a movie here?

And it’s happening at your local theater. Yeah, your local theater. Don’t forget you have a local theater, y’all.

In general, we’re putting our shameless cheerleading for local businesses on hold for a while until we get paid, so consider this more of a wakeup call: You have a neighborhood theater! If you want it to stick around, you have to support it.

On tap for this week: Wayne’s World (Tuesday), Transformers (also Tuesday), Sci-Fi Double Feature with Last Man on Earth and End of the World (Wednesday), Airplane! (yeah, freaking Airplane!—Thursday), and the gloriously shitty (in a good way) classic, The Room (Friday).
Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 8.34.55 AM

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2 Responses to Get Your Cinema On

  1. Aaron says:

    Love that pic. Can we get another pure food store in the area please? (Oh yeah, New Seasons.)🙂

  2. Haha…yes to Pure Food.


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