Kickball Makes a Comeback, Produce Returns, and Shitty Beer Rules the Day

That’s what our Thursday looks like. It could be what yours looks like, too.

– First the kickball. No, the FoPo Pirates haven’t returned just yet, but a group of kickballers are organizing regular games at Kern Park. There’s a game tonight, and anyone is welcome. A couple points: where were these guys when FoPo was getting ganged up on last week by Creston-Kenilworth and their comrades from Lents and Woodstock? Also, I really hope these guys coincidentally don pirate gear. Game’s at 6:30 tonight.

Brewfest– Cascade Organic will be back at N.W.I.P.A. tonight. From 5 – 8 p.m., the bottle shop will become part Organic Market, with local produce, fresh seafood and wild mushrooms for sale. Show them that Foster can support a local and organic market (while simultaneously avoiding the ickiness of Fred Meyer’s produce section).

– Finally, O’Malley’s Macro Brewfest commences today. This is to celebrate “the beers that everyone drinks but is afraid to admit.”  So own your shitty-beer-drinking ways and get down to O’Malley’s. The three-day event begins with live comedy tonight, continuing with Funk tomorrow and Rock night on Saturday. Meanwhile, 14 beers will be on hand for a taste test competition. You can get a $7.00 beer pass that gets you four tall boys of the beer of your choosing. One beer pass a day gets you damn near through all 14 beers. Not bad.


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6 Responses to Kickball Makes a Comeback, Produce Returns, and Shitty Beer Rules the Day

  1. Baller says:

    Those kickballers would have loved to join the pirates! Unfortunately, working in the service industry usually means no weekend events. 😦

  2. Andrew says:

    Creston Kenilworth is a far superior neighborhood.

    • mark says:

      Based on that article, it sounds like the people of Creston Kenilworth might just be settling…

      -The real estate company Redfin says that the up and coming areas are “mostly adjacent to highly sought after neighborhoods (Foster-Powell) that have become difficult to get into because of high prices and few homes for sale.”

  3. Gray Wolf says:

    Crest-Kenil Dog 4 life


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