New to Carts on Foster: Mini Lompoc Bar and Soda Pagoda

Food alone wasn’t going to keep Carts on Foster in business.  With minimal foot traffic, speeding cars on Foster, and a less than welcoming aesthetic, our local pod had its work cut out for itself.  Throw in the elements, a weak economy, and an over-saturated food cart scene, and you’d almost have to bet against them.

Foster Cart love,

Foster Cart love,

Here we are, though, in year two, still holding strong.  Not without adaptation, however.

Enter Sonya Petroff, owner of Yours Vintage Treasures.  Sonya set up shop at Carts on Foster several months ago, and sells vintage clothing, art and housewares…from her Airstream trailer.  Clearly the food cart pod was evolving.

Next up were the live concerts over the summer.  And then the covered patio.  And more trees.  And plants.

Foster Cart love,

Foster Cart love,

Then, in a moment of brilliance, Carts on Foster applied for a liquor license.  And that brings us to the present.  Not that it was hard to find a place to drink on Foster, but it will certainly be easier now, as a Lompoc-sponsored bar is serving beer at the pod.  Situated under the covered patio, the bar is currently operating Friday night, and in the afternoons and evenings over the weekend.

Refreshments are good.  But if beer’s not your thing, you can now also get an “exotic soda.”  Yes, an exotic soda.  For shits and giggles, I was almost tempted to end things there, but an explanation is probably in order.  And for good reason; this is a great concept.  The new soda machine, or “Soda Pagoda,” as its owner/creator calls it, at Carts on Foster, is a mural, vending machine, and exotic soda dispenser in one.  If you’re not familiar with the Soda Pagoda yet, check out their website.  The basic concept is as follows: offer a unique taste in a hip package.  One of the unique tastes?  Black garlic soda.  There’s also a coconut soda and one made with lychee.  All machines come equipped with uber-hip artwork, too.  I guess we’ve arrived, FoPo.

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7 Responses to New to Carts on Foster: Mini Lompoc Bar and Soda Pagoda

  1. anonymous says:

    As a fopo resident, I purposefully drive by the carts, possibly due to it’s juxtaposition situated uncomfortably close to the Devil’s Point. Arrived? Foster Powell feels like the last bastion of portland DERP. The Presents of Mind people couldn’t be bothered to make anything but a 70’s era looking dive bar with bad greasy food for their “contribution” to what foster road could become. Just sad. It would have been more productive to open Presents of Mind 2, instead of another bar with greasy food. I’m sorry, but until foster road gets speed bumps, nice streetlamps, a proper bike lane, bioswales, and some money and fancy shops moving in.. I drive a short hop over to hawthorne where things are a bit less rough around the edges.

  2. Sally says:

    I like the Gemini (“The Presents of Mind people”). Greasy? Well, it’s pub food (sliders and fries) and it’s pretty tasty. Richey makes a nice drink and wasn’t stingy with the wine pours, either. I have also visited the carts a couple of times and liked the food. Maybe I’m just lowbrow. Just remember that when a neighborhood gets too fancy, its character changes and working stiffs like us can’t afford to live there.

  3. Well said, John and Sally. Lowbrow is just fine.

    If people continue to skip over FoPo in search of something less edgy, we’ll never be able to support a viable, local economy. It’s sort of a catch-22. On the other hand, I suppose if people like “anonymous” continue to shun the ‘hood, the few solid businesses that are on Foster will remain our own little gems.

    Show your local restauranteur, bar keep, and food cart some love. For that matter, ditto for the local butcher, barber, and artist.

  4. anonymous says:

    Your right Soda Pogoda is an unique concept with different types of sodas. Sure beat the same old sodas at other machines and fit right in with the different styles a food and atmosphere.

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