Support the Foster Streetscape: Open House Jan. 26

I’m blogging live from the neighborhood association meeting, learning about how we can get funding for the Foster Streetscape: from the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee. This is a critical time for funding; projects are being evaluated and budgets are being debated. What a perfect time to learn more about the proposed Foster Streetscape! The Foster Streetscape is a plan to beautify Foster, and make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. You can learn more by attending an open house.  Here’s the 411:

Date: January 26, 2010

Time: 6-9pm; open house from 6-7, Lents info from 7-8, open house from 8-9

Location: 8835 SE Woodstock (Seventh Day Adventist Church)

To add a bit more back story, about a year and a half ago, Foster was added to the Lents Urban Renewal Area.  This is a big deal because the City provides special funding through the URAs.  Many favorite places in Portland–the eastbank esplanade, Pioneer Courthouse Square, the South Waterfront district–were revitalized with URA funding. URAs are funded through property taxes. FoPo busnesses along the URA area–out toward Lents–have contributed  funding for the Lents URA through property taxes.  And yet it seems that most of the funding for the Lents URA will go toward Lents…unless we stick up for FoPo!  Your voice, your opinion, and your presence can make the difference.  Just show up!

If you are really passionate about this issue, you may want to attend the URAC meeting tomorrow night from 7-9pm at Lents Elementary School, 5105 SE 97th. 

Additional Resources:
PDF of the full Foster Streetscape Plan

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5 Responses to Support the Foster Streetscape: Open House Jan. 26

  1. Jeffrey says:

    I encourage folks to check out the PDF of the plan. While it seems like a lot of little things (tree planting, better crosswalks, etc), they add up. If the plan gets adopted, we will see a much more aesthetically pleasing Foster, as well as more inviting characteristics like the aforementioned crosswalks and stuff like neighborhood banners (proclaiming Foster-Powell on street poles and light posts…even a welcome sign at 52nd). It is just the catalyst we need to encourage private investment in our hood.

  2. Co in So Fo Po says:

    Great point, Jeffrey. I hope we can have lots of new biz along Foster. And I think we will if the Foster Streetscape is funded. Speaking of new businesses, has anyone tried out Foster Burger yet? I went the other night, but it was PACKED. About ten people were waiting for tables. I was famished, so I had to leave, vowing to return.

  3. Cora says:

    I ate at Foster Burger during their first week, but I need to go back because they didn’t have any ice cream for malts the night I was there. But, the burger was super juicy and delicious and the bun from An Xuyen next door was great. They have awesome house-made pickles too. I just wanted to add an additional comment about the funding for the URA. I support the Foster Streetscape and hope some progress is made on securing funding for it soon. In the URA Transportation Task Force Meetings and project analysis, the Foster streetscape plan is rating very high and I predict it will appear in the high-priority project list at the end of the process. Bu,t I want to make sure that everyone in Foster Powell and Mt Scott Arleta understand that around 95% of the money that comes into the URA comes from the area that is within the pre-expansion URA boundaries. So, if Lents and West Powellhurst Gilbert projects are “getting more” it’s because there are simply a lot more projects there, the area is contributing a lot more money and they have been planning and saving and budgeting – and honestly waiting with a great deal patience for many of the projects to advance a lot longer, some for over 10 years. But, the good news is that the URA stepped up right away and contributed $600,000 to the Marysville Park/Playground project, we funded 1.3 million dollar of building and landscaping rehabilitation for Cambrian Park/Jim and Salle’s Place and 40% of the storefront improvement grants that were awarded in the URA last year were to businesses in the Foster Corridor. That’s all within the first year and a half that the Foster Corridor Expansion area has been a part of the URA.

  4. Co in So Fo Po says:

    Cora, thanks for adding a bit more perspective to the situation. Sometimes it’s hard not to get “grabby” when talking about public funding issues, so I’m sorry if my original post sounded… whiny. I’m just happy to live in such a progressive city and ‘hood! And no matter what happens w/ the rest of the $, it sounds like there’s already been quite a bit of progress.And… I REALLY want to go to Foster Burger now!🙂

  5. Kurt W.Sommer says:

    I’m planning on going to the open house and I hope other FoPo-ites will too. It would be great if the streetscape was approved, I love living here and the area just keeps getting better! I really hope someone buys the old Bob White Theater and gets it up and running again.


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