Seen in FoPo: Melting Honey Bucket

Honey Bucket IA melting honey bucket is testament to one of three things:

- Tweakers do the damndest things. Port-o-potty turned cook house?

- Climate change is a bitch. The god-awful sun is wreaking havoc on our most prized and beloved, modern amenities.

- Or, kids will be kids. Right?

0726040755At least someone had the good sense to discourage similar future behavior.

While I’m not surprised a honey bucket was burned down in our neighborhood, I am impressed that the city (Portland Parks) was responsive enough to get us a replacement so quickly.





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Sale of Wikman Building up for County Vote

Well, then.  This sure snuck in there.

Apparently the Wikman Building is close to being bought, and its purchase is going up for vote this Thursday, July 31. According to the Oregonian, the resulting yea or nay vote will determine whether a team of investors will be able to purchase the Multnomah County building and former library.

Yes, the Wikman Building–located at 64th and Holgate, just north of Laurelwood Park–was once the Arleta Library. The building and library date back to 1918.

When the County deemed the building surplus property a few years ago, a team of community organizations sought to purchase the site and turn it into an urban grange. That proposal ultimately fell through, as the team attempting to purchase the site couldn’t put a financial plan together. Or at least not one that convinced the County they were capable of making money.

wikman_building_photoFast forward a bit, and the County again put out an RFP for the Wikman site in March of this year. After sorting through the various bids, the County favored one proposed by a team of investors seeking to turn the building into office and community space–not too different from the urban grange proposal preceding it two years prior. The difference, though, is that the current team seeking to buy the building has cash on hand, as well as further capital and experience to restore the space.

You can read more of the Oregonian article here.

One thing of note: the neighborhood landscape has changed somewhat since the first proposal fell through in 2013. There have been two multi-unit residential projects constructed within two blocks of the site (with a third in the planning process); the Foster Streetscape Plan has been approved; the Foster area is generally seeing more investment money flowing through the neighborhood. According to the Oregonian article, the bidding team feels there’s “some real potential for long-term development” in the neighborhood.

We shall see.

Stay tuned…

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FoPo Takes its Kickball Circus to the Finals

IMG_4147Somehow, someway, a ragtag team of pirates and other questionable characters have advanced to the final round of the Southeast Kickball Tournament. That means Foster-Powell kickballers live to see another day. And that day is Saturday, August 2.

TournamentYour FoPo Pirates will be taking on Creston-Kenilworth, who’ve beat Woodstock and Brentwood-Darlington to represent their half of the bracket in the championship game.

Any and all are welcome to help put the finishing touches on the neighborhood’s ascent toward kickball supremacy. Be there. Bring a black shirt for some ‘skull and cross-bones’ stenciling…or any other pirate gear you may have.

Mt. Scott Park, 2-4 on Saturday. There’s a trophy up for grabs and Salt N Straw ice cream.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Man, the energy on and around Foster lately is infectious. O’Malley’s and Nayar spruced up their storefronts and entryways; Red Castle is expanding and opening a new cafe; art exhibits; live music; a makeshift farmer’s market; and the Portland Mercado is on its way. And there’s more–just too much to go on and on about. We hope you’re all soaking it in, folks.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

- With all the attention we’ve given to last week’s Foster Art Night, the neighborhood kickball tournament, news of a new late-night cafe in the ‘hood, organic produce at NWIPA, and the FoPo Tree Inventory, we completely forgot to hype the radness-to-be at Foster Row. If you haven’t heard, Foster has its own collective of artists/crafters/makers who’ve combined to create a studio and retail space at 5300 SE Foster. They’ll be celebrating their grand opening this Saturday, from 7 – 10 pm, with an open look at the collaborative workspace, as well as music from DJs Big Booty Judy and Rick Klaras, food, drink, video, and raffles. You should probably check it out. The retail space will then officially open on August 1 with a month-long pop-up shop by Delicate Doilies, to go along with the house-made wares/art/crafts.

- As exciting as this stuff is, don’t forget that it’s built off of the energy of the folks that live, work, and own businesses in the neighborhood. It’s up to us to keep it going.

- Speaking of which (hahahaha…you saw this coming), the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association is looking for volunteers for its neighborhood tree inventory. Saturday–tomorrow–is the next work day, and they need a handful of people that are up for walking about the ‘hood, counting and helping identify trees. You don’t need to be a tree-spert to help…just willing, that’s all. Click here for more info.

- For you volunteer-types, there’s also this: Depave Portland Mercado.

- Also on Saturday, the FoPo Pirates are taking on our neighbors to the south for a friendly game of kickball. We took care of Lents pretty handily last weekend, but we know the Arletans will bring the ruckus. If you didn’t play last week, bring a black tee-shirt for some ‘skull and cross bones’ stenciling. Or wear your own pirate gear. 2 – 4 p.m. at Lents Park.

- Happy Third Birthday, Torta-landia!

- Oddly, Foster Burger was included in Portland Monthly’s list of “Portland’s Best Salads.” Apparently The Wedge salad is pretty tasty.

- Ok, one more thing before we go into the weekend music lineup. Red Castle Games is holding its annual Geek and Gamer Garage Sale Saturday. It’s what it sounds like: board games for sale, used, old, etc.

- Weekend music:
Starday Tavern- The Quags and the Welfare State, Friday at 9 pm; Red Sun Revue (8:30) and 100 Proof (9:30), Saturday night
Gemini Lounge- Finn Doxie, Friday at 8; Amber Harlan Granmo, Saturday night
Torta- Steve Cheseborough, Friday at 7; Sidestreet Reny, Saturday night
Bar Carlo- Sweet Reggae Sunday: From 5 -10 pm, live DJs playing reggae (old and new), rum specials, good vibes. Kids welcome until 9.

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Volunteers Needed for FoPo Tree Inventory Saturday

I know…who wants to count trees, right?  Especially at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday. I mean, if you want to volunteer for something this weekend, why not sleep in a little, head to the Portland Mercado, dig a bit, and collect some free food?

That would be the easy choice, though. And someone needs to count our trees. It could be you. The Mercado will get done–there’s money behind it, political will to make it happen, and many stoked neighbors that are willing to jump on that wagon. But counting trees? Those volunteers are harder to come by…and way less sexy. But necessary. Don’t forget necessary.

Volunteers in the neighborhood are in the process of surveying the health of our local tree system and where gaps in the canopy exist. The goal is to identify areas for improvement, then use that information to connect with resources that may make getting more trees easier and cheaper. (If you haven’t heard, Friends of Trees is already offering free trees to Foster-Powell residents).

Saturday will be the second of four work days to survey the neighborhood, and the success of the effort relies heavily on the volunteers who lend a hand. If this is something you’re interested in, your fellow tree people will be meeting at Holgate Library between 8:00 and 8:30 Saturday morning, with the inventory going until noon. And if you got juice left, you could probably still swing by the Mercado for some free food. (The Depave event goes until 2:30.)

Get more info on the Foster-Powell Tree Inventory here:

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Fresh Produce is Coming to Foster. Buy Some.

You’ve begged and pleaded; prayed and hoped. You asked your neighbor who works with someone who knows the son of the owner of New Seasons. Or Green Zebra. Or whoever isn’t shitty Fred Meyer.

“Set up shop on Foster! Give us healthy food.”

But, no.

Foster’s a risk, maybe. I mean, we are sorta this no-man’s-land surrounded by Safeway, Fred Meyer, Walmart, Walgreens, and Trader Joe’s. I guess not all’s bad then. But that’s like saying we’re surrounded by McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell, so we’d be fine without good burger or taco options. Wait, that was us. Once. Now we have Foster Burger and many good taco options. See, progress is to be had.

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 8.29.02 PM

This happened once in the neighborhood. Can we do it again?

But back to the produce thing. We fantasize about easy access to fresh and healthy food. Instead, we make do with our little corner of organics in a little corner of the worstest Fred Meyer ever. Ever.

So we clamor for more. (At least we have a rad fruit stand nearby.)

Well, more is happening. Even if just temporarily. Our neighborhood purveyor of all things hoppy and great, N.W.I.P.A., will be hosting Cascade Organic Thursday for a farmer’s market of sorts.

Say what?!?! Farmer’s market?

Yes. From 5 – 8 p.m., THIS THURSDAY, Cascade Organic will be setting up shop inside N.W.I.P.A. and selling fresh and organic produce, as well as portioned seafood for purchase. (Why hasn’t anybody else thought of selling beer and produce simultaneously yet?) What’s more, this may not be a one-time deal. If turnout is proper (hint: you better show the hell up and buy stuff), the owner of Cascade Organic may return for another go-around. And if proper turnout continues (hint: keep showing the hell up and buy stuff), who knows, maybe they’ll see Foster is the place to be (and set up shop permanently somewhere). I mean, we all know that Foster’s the place to be. Now we have to convince the outlanders.

Thursday, 7/24, from 5 – 8 p.m.. Do it.

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