Metal on Foster, Benefit Show at O’Malley’s

Thanks to one of our readers, Kristine Travis, for giving us the rundown on Saturday’s show at O’Malley’s”

Metal on Foster 2 flyerRaven Ink presents Metal on Foster 2!!

“August 23, 2014, Raven Ink will be presenting the 2nd annual Metal on Foster. At 7pm, O’Malley’s Saloon and Grill will open its doors to an awesome night of Metal Madness. Show starts at 7pm and the lineup includes: Ditch Digger, Proven, Hyperthermia, Damage Overdose, and Hyborean Rage. These 5 phenomenal PDX bands are coming together for 1 night only and it costs a measly 10 bucks!! They will also be raffling all sorts of amazing Metal swag, and all proceeds are going to support our neighbor Big Mike and his family during his recovery. Space is very limited, so get there early…See you all at O’Malley’s!!!”

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Commercial Space Galore

In case you were wondering what $299,000 could get you on Foster, here’s a look:
Car lot

We’ll first take the ‘addition by subtraction’ philosophy here. If you buy it, simply getting rid of the used car dealership would be worth the money. You know, if you had money to burn, that is.

But if you do buy it, we’ll take the ‘addition by addition’ philosophy, too. That’s because we’re greedy. We want to see a brew pub there. Or a parklet. Even affordable housing. Or, gasp, a small grocery store. Or something to compliment the Portland Mercado across the street. Anything, really.

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 8.12.30 AMIf you can’t buy, though, there’s space for rent a few blocks west. And you’d be able to call the Portland Ketchup Company, Cafe Red and Red Castle Games neighbors. (You’d be able to call Plaid Pantry and the Gold/Silver exchange neighbors, too, but we’ll ignore that for now.) Consider the options for a minute. All in close proximity, you have a fairly vibrant nighttime bar scene, a coffee shop, a poppin’ brunch spot, game store, burgeoning theater, other music venues and restaurants, a park, shared office space, and a fancy shmancy bottle shop. That alone is almost worth the $1300/month the landlord’s asking. On top of that, you get 1100 square feet to do something wonderful on Foster. Clothing and antique shop? Produce market? Arts and crafts store?

So who’s looking to start their own business?

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Foster Row to Host Saturday Morning Cartoons. Plus Something for the Adults.

Foster Row knows how to work their way into our hearts. Just think…*The Flinstones, Jetsons, and Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Oh, and cereal. Aaaand, you can bring the kids—if you have any. But it wouldn’t be weird if you didn’t (because there’s mimosas, too). Then come back for more adult-ish fun in the evening.

Thanks to our friends at Foster Row for the rundown:

“On Saturday August 23rd we will be hosting a full day of video, music, and refreshments. The day starts off with Saturday Morning Cartoons, from 11 am-2 pm. Join us for a collection of rare, vintage cartoons presented by the Phantom Hillbilly. Breakfast cereal, juice, coffee, and mimosas! Phantom Hillbilly is best known for his early MTV music video event at Beulahland every Sunday night.

“At 8 pm, post-punk/ indie rock bands Bubble Cats and Summer Eyes will perform, followed by the return of the Phantom Hillbilly for a music video dance party. 18+ $5 at the door, $2 drink tickets. 

“We hope to see a lot of the Foster-Powell community there! For questions, please email Mark and Jen at

* We don’t actually know if The Flinstones or Jetsons will be playing. But you get the point.

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Seen in FoPo

Other neighborhoods get city-subsidized pop-up shops in snazzed up storefronts— Christmas lights and all. We get sidewalk book/record stores with a tavern for a backdrop. It’s ok, though….we prefer it this way. In fact, we could use more like it. Serious, this is what makes Foster rad.

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Goonies Never Say ‘Die’

Word of warning: Don’t take Troy’s bucket. You’ll be passing up on a world of wonder. (Plus he’s a square.)

Also, don’t not see Goonies at Essex Park tomorrow. That would be sacrilegious.

Not seeing Goonies would be like letting the Fratellis win. It would be like letting Chester Copperpot’s memory die in vain; One Eyed Willy’s riches lost forever. All of Data’s gadgets would go to waste, Mikey would never score with the hot older chick, and all of Astoria would be sold off to developers. And you might be personally held responsible for Mikey’s transformation from pre-teen heartthrob into chunky Samwise Gamgee. All because you didn’t see the Goonies.

So go. Wednesday (tomorrow) at Essex Park. Pre-movie fun and live music starts at 6:30, flick starts at dusk.

And in case you need more convincing:

And this…

Oh, and for the 80s cats, this for good measure…

How could you not go now?

#ChesterCopperpotChesterCopperpot #HeyYouGuys #BoobyTwap

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New Era for The Bobwhite Theatre?

Old Bob WhiteIt’s been less than three years since Nick Storie bought an aging and vacant theatre on Foster. In that time, the Bobwhite Theatre has been reborn, died off again, earned the scorn of neighbors, and slowly come back to life again—the latter being a slow, deliberate rebirth overseen by the theatre’s current manager, Nick Haas.

That three-year chapter, with all its ups and downs, excitement, false starts, and disappointment, is ending. And so, too, is the Nick Storie era. At least as it pertains to the Bobwhite. As we reported a couple weeks ago, the theatre was put on the market and officially listed for sale.

The asking price: $825,000.

IMG_4182The fate of the building became uncertain, and the hope of a continued rebirth came into question. After all, the asking price was steep, and the space—both the theatre and the Wurltizer (warehouse) room—still needs considerable improvement. That uncertainty didn’t last, though, and it appears as if a new chapter is starting just as quickly as the first one ended.

Re-enter Nick Haas.

After taking over operation and management of the theater in May, Haas has made his love for the space obvious. And his determination to make it the best it can be for the community, while also fitting it into his vision for the space, is equally obvious. He hoped Nick Storie would accept his eventual offer to acquire the building when it was first listed, but he knew other offers were on the table. Some, maybe, had other plans for the space; some not so good for the neighborhood. In the end, Haas’ offer was accepted.

IMG_1219Now the deal has to be finalized. If all goes according to plan, ownership will soon change hands and we may get the theatre that we’ve all been waiting for. Regular music, community events, even movies.

Until the deal is finalized—cross your fingers—get to know Nick Haas. Here’s a profile of him that we did in May: “Meet Your Neighbors: The Bobwhite’s Nick Haas.”

Stay tuned…

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