Happy Weekend, FoPo!

We here at FosterPowellPDX are taking a few days off. Who knows, maybe we’ll take more than that.

Actually, yeah, we will–we’ll take the next week. We’ll enjoy the time off and be back with new content after the following weekend.

In the meantime, feel free to share any news, happenings or events. You can contact us at fosterpowellpdx@gmail.com.

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Get Your Starday On; Grand Opening This Saturday

Starday, JustinShannonGhengisWe weren’t sure if we should hype Starday’s Grand Opening party simply because 1) it’s going to be a rad event, 2) the owners are good people and live in the neighborhood, or 3) because some of you still need convincing that it isn’t Bob and Alice’s or the previous version of Starday anymore. (Or maybe you just need some nudging to get out and explore Foster a bit at night—that’s ok, too.)

We’ll go with all of the above.

It’s time to get you some Starday. It doesn’t mean you won’t have room left for O’Malley’s, Da Hui, or Bar Maven (or Reds or Slingshot or FoPo Tavern or Foster Gardens or Spot 79 or—yes, there’s more—Andy’s); it just means you’re spreading the love. So spread the love you will. And you should start your spreading this Saturday for Starday’s Grand Opening.

Starday Grand OpeningHere’s the deal:

First, Justin assures us there are free hugs for all. Hold him to it.

Secondly, there’s music and dancing. Oh, and drinking and eating and—remember–love spreading. Word is there may be a couple guest bar tenders that you may or may not know from another Foster favorite (hint: it rhymes with Tar Farlo), and that’s mostly because lots and lots of people will require good and plentiful bar tenders. Why would you want to miss that? If you’re thinking of reasons to miss it, let’s steer you back to the light.

The musical lineup for the night is on point and ranges from traditional electronic to house, funk, hip-hop and techno. And if that’s not your musical taste, that’s what the booze is for.

But there’s also Angry Unicorn. Yeah, Angry Unicorn will be live and direct with their beefy goodness and greasy, bacony ways. So when Carts on Foster goes dark Saturday night, Angry Unicorn will be bringing the burger mobile to the “Heart of Foster.” They’ll post up between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.. Late night grub, naw’mean.

See, something for everyone: hugs, burgers, booze, and music. Time to get you some Starday.

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Seen in FoPo

I’m pretty sure that’s Oscar Wilde up there.










Yep, definitely Oscar Wilde. Of all people…
Screen shot 2015-08-22 at 11.42.44 AM







Apparently the literary arts are alive and well in Foster-Powell.

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Drug House Blues

There was a recent “I Anonymous” in the Portland Mercury, in which a long-time resident was lamenting the (paraphrasing here:) influx of Lululemon-clad, stroller-pushing residents who have slowly nudged out the day drunks and meth-heads that once were more abundant in the neighborhood.

I laughed. I even empathized. And I, too, may have quietly cursed the new wave of residents that are making the neighborhood slightly less edgy. But I also wondered where this person lived, because the tweakers…they’re still here. The scrappers…them, too. And on my street, stretching between Powell and Foster, we have both. And more than one of each.

Sure, this neighborhood is a drastically different place than it was 10 or 15 years ago. But it also hasn’t shed all of its seedier elements (some of which I hope never get shed). And some of those elements—drug houses, people shooting up in the alleyway, the bike-trailer patrollers looking for anything in your yard that can be redeemed at the scrap yard or on the bike black market—still make neighbors uneasy. And if you live in close proximity to one of these hotspots, chances are you may feel unsafe, too.

It is this unease and concern for safety that has prompted an online discussion on Nextdoor.com (registration required; free to signup). The discussion has revolved mostly around a few known drug houses that have recently seen an uptick in police calls, medical emergencies, and property crimes in the vicinity (car prowls, stolen bikes, etc).

After reading through the discussion thread, it became obvious folks are feeling hamstrung. So we thought we’d pose the issue to you, the readers…

Is this something that affects you? Have you experienced the late-night screaming episodes in the middle of the street, stolen property, or random people coming and going next door to get their fix? Does it even bother you? Is it merely part of living in an urban environment, and should we just tolerate it before we’re all priced out and miss the good old days?

We want to hear your thoughts.

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Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Not to give you all a sense of urgency, but you only have two weekends left in August—this and next. Fortunately September is a wondrous month, similarly dry but not quite as absurdly hot as the summer months. Unfortunately, though, it also means a lot of people see their routines change—evenings start to shortenkids are back to school, commutes get a little more crowded, all the good tv shows start, less happy hours basking in the sun on Foster. So enjoy what we have left of warm, sunny and long days.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– The second and last installment of the Foster Window Project picks up today and tomorrow with a community work party. As we mentioned earlier in the week, this next project will be transforming the window space in the currently-vacant-but-future Cafe Red storefront next to Red Castle Games. Plans for a 3D representation of a “crusading squirrel who saves gentrifying Portland from its evil-manifestation-octopus” have already been put together—the project now only needs your participation; help put the installation together today and tomorrow, from 12-8pm. Just show up to the space when you can.

– We’re already one day into the Sixth Annual Macro Brewfest at O’Malley’s, which continues today (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday). Get your tallboy-drink on, vote for your favorite, catch some live music, and get a pizza (which got a nice plug in Thrillist).

– Thanks to a heads up from Twitter user, FuckingFoster, we learned of a new art studio/gallery moving into the neighborhood. We don’t know much yet, as the space (at 6004 SE Foster) still looks very much like it did when it was Asia Music & Video. The website for Latchkey Gallery only has an address listed and single black and white photo of the storefront (which makes it look way cooler than it does in person). But if, indeed, it does become gallery/art space, it would be the second such space to move into the neighborhood in recent months (BenWill Studio being the other). It may not seem that significant, but taken with mainstays like Performance Works NW and Tango Berretin, projects like the Foster Window Project and Craft Night SE at Bar Carlo, the abundance of murals around the “Heart of Foster,” and Mel Katz sneakily making renowned art in his space next to NWIPA and Fat Yoga, I’d say Foster has a pretty—scratch that, VERY—active and burgeoning art scene.

– Speaking of moving in to the neighborhood, Badge Bomb and One Inch Round are currently renovating the former Lansing Linoleum space across the street from the Portland Mercado. They’ll be moving their button- and magnet-making operation into the building once renovations are complete. In digging a little, it seems like a fun little operation. Check ’em out.

– Get your kickball on this Saturday, as FoPo takes on Lents in a rematch of last year’s game. The more the merrier. Game is at Kern Park, Saturday; starts at 4pm. Don your pirate gear (we’re the FoPo Pirates, after all) and bring your good leg.

– Beer, wine and more at Pieper. Just sayin’…

– Weekend entertainment:
O’Malley’s- Macro Brewfest continues today (with Jake Ray and the Cow Dogs, Air Knives, and Advisory) and tomorrow (with DJ Montel Spinozza)
Starday Tavern- The Johnny Vargo Band, Friday at 9; Two Planets, Saturday at 9 (support your local music venues, y’all)
Tango Berretin- Milonga 24 with DJ Manuel de Leon , Saturday at 8pm: beginners class, 8-9; dance the night away from 9pm-1am; $10 at door, $8 if ordered in advance, $2 with student ID

Enjoy the weekend, all! Be cool, be safe.

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Macro Brewfest Marks Six Years; You Get Cheap Beer and Pizza

It’s that time of year again. One of O’Malley’s two big, yearly events—St. Patrick’s Day being the other—takes place this Thursday through Saturday, 8/20 – 22.

For those new to the neighborhood, with more refined beer tastes (snobs), or who have somehow not managed to find your way into O’Malley’s (shame on you), behold: the Sixth Annual Macro Brewfest.

As we said last year, “…celebrate “the beers that everyone drinks but is afraid to admit.” So own your shitty-beer-drinking ways and get down to O’Malley’s. The three-day event begins with live comedy [Thursday]….continuing with [live music Friday and Saturday]…”

imageNot much changes this year. The devil’s in the details, though, so here they are:
The action starts Thurday with an evening comedy competition hosted by Big Jim Willig. Friday brings live music from Jake Ray and the Cow Dogs, Air Knives, and Advisory. Saturday is funk night with DJ Montel Spinozza. Throughout the three-day event, be treated* (if that’s what you want to call it) to 16 varieties of tall boys that will beg for your voting rights. And vote you will. The tall boy with the most votes over three days will be crowned king and become house tall boy for a year.

Call it a simple idea. We call it genius.

The suckers of you can spend all you want for extra IBUs somewhere else. We’re getting cheep beer and pizza**.

* treated does not = free
** speaking of pizza, Thrillist recently included O’Malley’s in their list of Best Pizza in Portland

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